Tuesday, November 25, 2008

We're not a Turkey yet!

The good news is we have been having lots of fun, seeing lots of family and enjoying some good times with Lilah the past two weeks. The bad news is each time I sit down to post I forget the photos!

So another catching up post is in order, knowing that I will miss something since it's been 15 days!

Heading backwards, this past weekend my Aunt Karen and Uncle Fred (and their dog Zoey) were in town visiting and Lilah took the opportunity to show off her running (yes running!) skills. She is all over the place these days and doesn't ever like to sit down, which makes it a bit hard to give her a bath!

As you can see from this video (if you turn your head sideways), she is starting to be able to think through her actions and is really learning to follow along.

The weekend before this past one, my mom was in town and we did the music class, swim class, routine as usual. I am proud to announce that Lilah will be moving up to a "big girl" music class next session as she is currently the oldest in her class and the instructors gave the OK for her to be in with the older kids. For swim class we are hoping to find something closer to home in the Winter, as driving 40 minutes both Friday and Saturday is starting to grate on Lilah's mommy and daddy!

And before that was Veterans' day. We spent the evening at Elizabeth and Santiago's house where Lilah showed off her flirting skills by playing "peekaboo" with Alexander. She seems very comfortable around him and it is really fun to watch them start to interact as he grows older.

You can check out the "Peekaboo" game as captured on camera.
With Thanksgiving approaching the house is in full "cooking" mode and should soon be full of holiday smells. Lilah has become huge "helper" in the kitchen already, where she is learning to put things in a bowl as I cut them. We just have to teach her not to squish tomatoes as she places them together!
Then after Thanksgiving we will be doing a post holiday dinner in PA (at Aunt Missy's), where Lilah will get to see all of her cousins again. Won't they be surprised that she can now chase them around.
I am sure I have missed about 100 amazing milestones that have happened in the past 15 days, but at least you all have some cute videos and photos to tide you over till the post-Thanksgiving photos!
Happy Turkey Day to all!

Monday, November 10, 2008

Time for a change (and lots more adventure).

Welcome back everyone! Since the rest of America is changing, I decided it was time for a blog color change as well. Testing the one out to see if I like it...

Since my last blog post skipped right over Halloween, I wanted to backtrack just to share a few photos with everyone. As you can see Lilah had a great time trying to figure out how to wear tights for the first time and then showing off her costume in music class. I also brought her into the office for (to be honest) the selfish reason of everyone telling me how cute she was!

After quite a crazy birthday (mine not hers!) we headed off to Deep Creek Maryland with Elizabeth and Santiago (famed parents of Lilah's man Alexander) for some rest and relaxation.

As you can see Hunter started the "rest" part of this as soon as we left the house.

Lilah was a wonderful traveler sleeping most of the way to Deep Creek, just waking up long enough to play in the grass at a rest stop!

Our house in Deep Creek was amazing and in case you were wondering this was the view from the living room. What a fantastic place to wake up each day...we all contemplated staying forever.

Lilah and Alexander got along wonderfully as usual and here is a quick photo of what I would look like if we ever had two kids (scary stuff!).

After a totally relaxing weekend we headed home for the election which you have all already seen and heard about (both our adventures as well as the country's). That you everyone who email or comments with awesome stories - you all rock! (Especially Maria whose vote in Florida made a huge difference after standing in line for hours with her son!).

Sometime during the week we shot this incredibly embarrassing video - but hey if you can't be embarrassed through a public blog when can you be! (and Lilah looks cute).

Then this past weekend us Boigs all piled in the car again to head up to NJ to visit Lilah's Bubbe (Jason's mom) where Lilah wowed all of us by her ability to knock down not just wooden blocks -- but towers and towers of Tupperware!
After a yummy dinner at Big Fish we headed out for a little stroll around the mall to work off those calories. (OK we really just walked to the car but it made for this cute photo anyway!).
On Sunday we took Lilah to a local farm where she got to visit with ducks and goats - I wish I knew what she was thinking! Then back in the car to our place which brings us to today.
Jason and I have off tomorrow, so I am sure many adventures will abound. So till the next post...keep warm!

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Your regularly schedule blog has been interrupted...

Today's regularly schedule blog updated of last weekend's birthday fun has been interrupted....

What did you do today? At 5am? 6am? even 11am?

Do you know what Lilah was doing?? She was voting!

Woken up two hours before her normal time, she happily got in line outside smiling and amusing all of the tired but energetic folks in our little section of Montgomery County.

Waiting in line for only one hour (thankfully!) she Voted for Change using her patented "one finger" method.

And now she can go get free stuff! (Thanks Darryl)

So what's your excuse? Why haven't you voted? What are you doing that is more important? Do you see the smiling face above - don't you want some of that?!!

So get out and VOTE so that tomorrow you can hear all about Lilah's Halloween and her fun weekend with her husband-to-be at Deep Creek Lake.

....Now back to our regularly scheduled day.