Sunday, April 20, 2008

Happy Passover Lilah!

Last night Lilah celebrated her first Passover with a Seder at Beth and Darryl's house (additional photos to come next post). To report, she slept through the four questions, the ten plagues and woke up just in time for dinner. (which was kind of a bummer as we had finger puppets for those readings!).

With spring finally in full force, Lilah is getting to enjoy large amounts of time outside, - whether on a walk with Mamy (her nanny) or gardening in the backyard with Jason and I. She loves watching the birds fly around the yard from her Exersaucer.

She is also getting really close to crawling....forwards that is. She is a darn good crawler backwards which everyone tells me is the way it is suppose to be, but I just find funny. If you want to watch her try to crawl check out this video:

Off to cook for tonights Seder! Happy Passover and Spring to all.

Friday, April 11, 2008

Lilah's on the go again!

First off - thank you to Beth for ALL of these photos! We haven't even started to download any of the ones we have taken recently so it's a good thing she is a planner or this would be a boring to look at blog entry.

As you can figure out from my decrease in posts lately, things were more crazy than usual for a while, but calmness (in Boig form) is back. After our New Orleans trip Lilah continued her adventure of new adventures although there were much more close to home.

The family photo here is at the very top of the new Newseum in Washington DC. With some early admit tickets we were able to get in last Saturday an enjoy the rooftop deck on one of the most beautiful days we have had this spring so far.

In case you are wondering, or even if you aren't, Jason and Lilah are wearing matching outfits - really they are. They are both wearing Trogdor shirts! (if you have a quizzical look on your face right now Google it).

The week before that Lilah cheering on Darryl at almost the exact same spot for his 12th marathon at the National Marathon where he cut his best time by a half an hour. Go Darryl go. She loved all the excitement going on and is getting really good at giggling at runners as they go by.

In continuing her amazing physical feats Lilah is now sitting up as you can see from these photos. She is also crawling...well ok backwards but it still counts!

This was my first work trip overnight away from Lilah and although I am happy to report she and her dad had a fantastic time, I am also happy to report I am back :). We are looking forward to staying put for a few weekends and then off to see Lilah's Great Grandma and Great Uncle Bob (whose 90th Bday party we will be attending) in late May.

More photos and updating to come soon. Good Friday to all!

Thursday, April 3, 2008

Lilah LOVES Pears

OK, I know I owe a seriously long update, but if I can buy some time with a video of pears.....(and Lilah)....