Tuesday, April 28, 2009

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A typical day...

In case you have ever asked yourself "Self, what is a typical day with the Mighty Mighty Boigs?" here is a small peek into a few things.

Lilah continues to realize she can stick one toy on top of another and haul it around the house. To the left you can see "Pretty" being put on top of her lawnmower. And then a serious of action shots as "Kitty" gets a ride on her block cart. (Is it just because she is a girl that all names end in "y"? Well at least it's not Prettie and Kittie and Candie!).

We have also entered the world of climbing and daredevil behavior. Lilah will climb on just about everything - steps, walls. blocks, counters. Here you can see her after a successful climb into one of our outdoor Adirondack chairs
Thankfully I did not have to climb into mine to enjoy it.

And lest you think it is all fun and games in the Boig household. Here is Lilah being put to work sweeping the floors with her nightly chores. (OK before everyone gets upset at us making our 19 month old do hard labor what is really going on is Lilah asserting her even newer found independence and grabbing the broom out of Mommy's hand to show that she can "do it better").

So it's all fun and games until someone wants to sweep the floors!

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

How did it get to be Earth Day?

Happy Earth Day to all!

Before what I can promise will be a full and long update I wanted to pimp my favorite Earth Dy Nature Conservancy blog entry: Raise an Organic Toast to Earth Day. So join me in what can prove to be one of the easier (and more fun!) ways to celebrate this day.

So...where have we been? Why haven't we updated. If you are a frequent reader of the MBB blog then you know long stretches in between updates signifies crazy fun events on our part. So here goes April...

We at the Boig household spend all of April 1st waiting on pins and needles to be "fooled" by one, two or all three of the Reiche's (yes even Alexander can be a trickster when he wants to be). We got the biggest trick of all when NO trick was played on us for the entire day. That makes us even more nervous for next year when Lilah can actually talk and Alexander will be able to walk.
After surviving the "Day of the Fools" unscathed we spend the next weekend celebrating my mom's bday with some sushi making/eating fun. Lilah of course slept though all the "making" part of the night and woke up just in time for the "eating." That is one smart little girl.
We then continued to what I have now dubbed "Passover Mania," which for those of you who do not know are two nights of Passover fun, with four glasses of wine and tasty food each night. The first night of Passover was spend over at the Eagle/Diamond's where, as you can see from the photos, Lilah had her first matzoh and even found the afikoman hidden in a very very secret and hard to find place called the top of the den table.
The next day Lilah went off to the nanny's and Jason and I stayed home to cook, clean and go to the spa (what does that have to do with Passover - nothing but we wanted to enjoy our day off!). That night we had 17 folks over for some food, fun and Seder. You can see that Lilah especially enjoyed the food and as they say "a good time was had by all."

The next day Lilah had her 18th month check up, where we learned she is still tall and still has a big head. I am still trying to figure out the tall thing with my tiny head - so all suggestions welcome.

Using her big head, Lilah figured out that something more fun than playing with Kitty was to strap her favorite toy Pretty (my 20 year old Preemie Cabbage Patch) to Kitty's back and ride her around the room. What will she think of next!

That brings us pretty close to this past weekend and our trip down to SC. Logging over 1,000 miles the Boig's headed down to Chapel Hill, NC this past Thursday learning that a child strapped in a car seat does count for HOV3 - whoohoo. Friday morning we had brunch with my Uncle Bob and Aunt Jackie who you may recall we visited last summer for Uncle Bob's birthday. After yummy lox and bagels, we continued to head south to Rock Hill, SC taking a "shortcut" that can only be described as the longest shortcut of all time. Thankfully we arrived in time for Jason's cousin Steve's rehearsal dinner. After a quick trip over to the hotel to stretch and let Lilah jump on the bed a bit, we headed over to Jason's Aunt Carole's house where Lilah got to play with her second cousin Izzy (Isabella Rose). We were VERY proud of her sharing as Izzy is quite a bit younger than she is.

Lilah has spent the last few weeks working with Jason and I on colors and she was able to show off her skills to everyone by playing with the pool balls on Carole's table. She has purple, orange and yellow down!

Back at the hotel we got a good night's sleep, well some of us did. Lilah kicked some of us (Jason!) in the face a lot during the night. Thankfully he wasn't too bruised up for the wedding and Lilah got to enjoy some of the morning sun off our balcony before we headed out for the main wedding event.

The wedding (reminder Jason's cousin Steve's wedding!) was held at Landsford Canal State Park. I tried to find a site online that showed just how beautiful this park was, but nothing seemed to do it justice. It was a gorgeous day and a beautiful place for a small, quiet and lovely wedding. Such a nice place, that Lilah wanted to spend the entire time exploring and mastered one of her current favorite words "walk!" (which is promptly followed by grabbing one of our hands and pulling us in the direction she wants to go). After the wedding we spend some day taking photos by the lake as it was a perfect site to do so. This photo is Lilah and Jason with "Grandma Boig" also featured in last summer's NC trip update.

After the wedding, the reception was held at a separate park which, to Lilah's joy, included a swing set with a slide. She enjoyed running around the part and trying to make us catch her.

As you might suspect she didn't each much...but as soon as we got back to the hotel decided she had the late night munchies!

After breakfast on Sunday, we headed over for a day in Charlotte, where we enjoyed the Discovery Place (Lilah got to practice her colors again with the fish) and the ImaginOn where the photos above were taken.

Heading to our last hotel, Lilah decided it was time to play hike and seek behind the see through curtains. As Jason and I wondered where she got her energy from, she feel asleep taking her first and only non-car nap of the trip!
After one last night of being kicked in the eye (poor Jason again!) we headed back to DC with a quick stop of in Chapel Hill again to lunch at Foster's Market (best cookbooks ever) and a bit north of Richmond for me to experience my first Waffle House. My only previous WF experience was watching it through the eyes of "My Breakfast with Fred". What do I have to say about it now? Yummy.

So we are back in MD, looking forward to a quiet week and hopefully even quieter weekend where we will catch up on...well everything!