Monday, May 25, 2009

Trains, Planes and Automobiles

It's summer! (Technically spring, but the summer season has started.) With summer always comes lots of travel and outdoor excitement for our family. We take advantage of every adventure we can and every sunny (not too humid) day that we get.

The past two weeks have been an excellent example of this. Two weekends ago we took a short hop on Southwest (my FAVORITE airline - which says a lot since I hate to fly) to Connecticut for Lilah's Aunt Sarah's graduation. Yea Sarah!!

Lilah did amazing on the plane, keeping her parents busy while amusing everyone sitting behind us. While in CT, we visited one of my co-workers places, enjoying time with his kids and giving Lilah lots of experience playing with "new toys". You can see she learned how much fun dressing up can be.

She also mugged it up for the camera as usual.

The first photo is from the Sunday morning after a tasty but late night out at dinner. The second one from part way through the graduation when Lilah showed her New Jersey style eating her way through a not-so-tasty bagel at the graduation.

Getting back into town, this last week was lots of fun. My Aunt Karen and Uncle Fred were kind enough to come in and watch Lilah while our nanny was on vacation. Lilah got lots of great outdoor time and Jason and I got to work at home - getting more work done then a day at the office.

Celebrating the amazing weather this holiday weekend, we did a lot of gardening and got outside as much as we could. These are of Lilah enjoying the local park by our house. She is a bit of a daredevil - but at least learning to count 1, 2, 3 before taking off down the slide!

Yesterday we all took off for the zoo, meeting up with our favorite kid family's. We also attempted to do the impossible task of getting all three kids (Lilah, Alexander, and Jordan) to look forward and smile together. But this photo is pretty cute anyway!

Although not as cute as these two!

In case you ever wondered what Lilah's favorite animal was, this video should help you!

(This smile scares me as a bit devilish....maybe I don't want them hanging out so much as they get older!)

Reminder that we are off to Ireland this coming weekend, so get ready for photos and video fun the Irish way once we get back!

Thursday, May 14, 2009

More video!

Yes I know I have lots of photos to load, stories to tell and well planes to fly on (in the next four weeks) but video is sometimes more

We need to teach Lilah the difference between a camera and a camcorder!

Lilah who? Lilah Boig!

Gee I wonder if she likes Mickey Mouse?

If you have never seen an episode of Mickey Mouse Clubhouse welcome to Lilah's favorite part.

Also..I really am working on new blog format and location through WordPress but need to find sometime! Coming soon..ish.

Monday, May 4, 2009

Now the video will never stop coming!

After 18 months of debating, Jason and I finally admitted that the 20 second video's our camera could take just weren't holding their own with our amazing Miss Lilah. So today we purchased the Flip Ulta HD. Blogger compresses the video so it doesn't look so HD here (if you Facebook you can see the HD quality on what I posted there).

Anyway here comes the video...

This one is just plain silly, but it made us laugh and we hope it will do the same for you. I just titled it "Lilah and the Banana" (or as she calls it "NANNA".

OK this one is just as silly. Lilah has a case of the giggles! (It might be because her mom - that's me! is going "Blahlalalalalalalala" with her tongue. You will see Lilah try to recreate that part way through the video).

In this one Lilah shows her smarts as she recites HER version of the ABCs.

That's all for tonight folks, but I am sure quite a bit more will be coming as well as photos of Lilah roasting her first marshmallow.