Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Is this a sign?

OK so probably not a sign at all, but I thought it was interesting that this week MBB is a Barbie doll and not a Ken doll - or one of each! And I am not sure how a Barbie doll is bigger than an iron - but hey I didn't write the email updates.

Unfortunately this means we are back to inanimate plastic objects, which still freaks me out a little bit.

But on to more fun things....
  • This week MBB is about 3.5 lbs and stretching somewhere between 11.5 - 18 inches. I say stretching because there are definite times when I am pretty sure if MBB grows anymore he/she will be up at my neck. I think I have been amusing folks all week trying to tie my shoes.
  • If we could see MBB right now he/she has hair and toenails. According to the emails MBB's brain is already capable of memory, learning, and processing sights and sounds. (Look at the big brain on MBB!).
  • MBB can turn her/his head from side to side, and MBB's arms, legs, and body are beginning to plump out as needed fat accumulates underneath his/her skin.

Lastly, MBB had yummy lobster roll in Maine yesterday as we are on our last flying work trip before maternity leave. After one to two more car trips look for a blog content to see if you can name all the places MBB has traveled in the last seven months.

Speaking of Maine and work - off to the outside I go. MBB and I will see you when we get back.

Friday, July 27, 2007


A new article on the dangers of episiotomys and their unnecessarily high rate was on CNNs web site today under an article called : 5 operations you don't want to get.

You can read the whole article by clicking on the link above, but one specific quote I want to point out - ""We asked women who'd delivered vaginally with episiotomy in 2005 whether they had a choice," says Eugene Declercq, Ph.D., main author of the leading national survey of childbirth in America, "Listening to Mothers II," and professor of maternal and child health at the Boston University School of Public Health. "We found that only 18 percent said they had a choice, while 73 percent said they didn't." "

Everything you do during labor is a choice (besides the baby coming out at the end) talk to your docs and midwives folks - it pays to learn!

Thursday, July 26, 2007

Hunter will jump on the counter for MBB!

I can't tell you how glad I am that we are back to a food type substance to describe MBB. All those hard objects (iron, hairdryer, etc) were starting to give me nightmares. (pictures "Night of the Living Hairdryer")

So this week MBB is Hunter's very favorite food in the world, and one he has jumped on many a counter for...bread! Some other information:

  • Up to about 3 lbs and between 10.75 and 17 inches MBB and I will get officially weighed again today at the birth center, while working to calm our stress with prenatal yoga.
  • MBB is starting to fill out now and resemble a newborn - whoohoo. She/he is thin but growing quickly.
  • Rumor has it MBB's brain is becoming increasingly wrinkled -- and sophisticated. The more grooves it has, the more it can do! I guess its the one time in life you ask for more wrinkles ;)

So in this weeks "mommy-to-be" email I learned that "Research shows that pregnant women experience forgetfulness 15 percent more than nonpregnant women. " I can't wait to start using that as an excuse!

If you are keeping track, this week MBB has traveled to and from WVA and next week Maine!

Thursday, July 19, 2007

Owy Ouch and just plain Owe

If you recall back around my second month of pregnancy Darryl and Beth bought me Pregnancy Sucks: What to Do When Your Miracle Makes You Miserable. Having now been through almost 3/4 of my pregnancy and at last count read five different pregnancy books, I declare this one the true best friend to the pregnant lady.

Case in point. You will notice it is very early in the morning, earlier than I may normally be up and about on my computer. This would be because this morning I not only got a charley horse in my leg that I had to massage out, not even one that I could just say "Duh Jenna you know not to stretch you legs in the morning while pregnant", but one that shot me STRAIGHT out of bed - into super labor pain breathing mode waking Jason in the process.

Now many of you might think this is a cause for concern, but on page 104 of my trusty Pregnancy Suck books is a whole section dedicated to something that the author says feels like "a dull rusty razor blade embedded in my leg" - wow I could not have said it better myself. Nor can I find this leg cramp at night thing in ANY other book in any type of helpful way. This is not the first time this book has saved me from panic (uterine cramps and other fun things) and I am sure it will not be the last.

So Joanne Kimes you and your book get a big thank you from me and all you newly pregnant women (or women who may someday become pregnant) you can know what your first gift from me is!

Wednesday, July 18, 2007

MBB is HOT HOT HOT and steamy!

No, MBB is not staring in his/her own romance novel, but instead this week is the size of an iron. Growing away, MBB is kick and moving around a lot more on the past week and I can just about predict times that I can expect to feel some kicking and moving. Some stats for those following along at home:

  • 2.5 - 2.75 lbs MBB is between 11 and 17 inches long, which means in the next 11 weeks (JUST 11 weeks to go!) we can expect more bulk than length in the growth area as most babies come out at between 19 and 21 inches long, 8 or so lbs.
  • Right now MBB's eyes are sensitive and can adjust to differing amounts of light and darkness. Also the baby's brain can control rhythmic breathing and regulate body temperature. Muscles and lungs are continuing to mature, and MBB's head is growing bigger to make room for a developing brain. (please don't grow TOO big!).

So, if I have not mentioned it recently I really love my midwives and almost every day am reminded that it is 100% worth the drive into DC for my neonatal care. They really take the time to answer all my questions until I understand, always call back, and are truly excited about each mother and family that they care for.

Last week when Jason and I had our appointment and then birthing class, there had just been a birth at the center a few hours before. The mother, father and new baby came into our birthing classroom just a few hours after giving birth and we were able to talk with her about her experience and ask any questions we could think of - it was wonderful and I learned a lot. The midwives were bouncing off the walls they were so excited at the new baby and so proud of the family - it was wonderful to see. I am really looking forward to being be surrounded by such great encouragement and excitement when it is our time to give birth.

We also passed through our last set of tests (gestational diabetes) with flying colors. MBB is looking, feeling and sounding good and if all goes according to plan 11 week from now a new face will be showing up on this blog!

Wednesday, July 11, 2007

MBB is hot hot hot!

OK now seriously - I don't even use a hairdryer and now they want me to fit one in my stomach! MBB is having a good time growing and I can't wait to see what the tomorrow's Drs appt. brings in terms of baby and mommy growth. Some quick stats:

  • A little over 2 pounds MBB should measure almost 15 inches from the top of his/her head to his/her heels.
  • MBB can blink her/his eyes, which now sport lashes. With eyesight developing, MBB may be able to see the light that filters in through my tummy! MBB is also developing billions of neurons in her/his brain and adding more body fat in preparation for life in the outside world.

Not much more to report today, back tomorrow after Birth Class #1.

Monday, July 9, 2007

Great anniversary weekend with Jason (our 5th!). Too tired to update much today as we have family in town and between that and our anniversary MBB's parents are running a little empty today. But some quick business for those who have been asking about....the registry.

You will notice to the left of all these postings we have two sets of registry information. One are links to where we are registered (BuyBuyBaby and BabysRUs-which is a change from Great Beginnings as we have learned it is more convenient for everyone) and also items that we would really like but are not carried by either store. The Ergo carrier is the best example of that!

We have already done a bit of registering at BuyBuyBaby but will be doing the rest on some larger items such as the pack-n-play, stroller, etc. when we go to visit my mother-in-law the weekend of the 20th. So look for a full list up the 23rd or so and thanks to all those who have asked!

New fruit and photo to come tomorrow.....Dr's appt on Thursday.

Friday, July 6, 2007

MBB is a summer treat!

Back from work travels and a computer meltdown MBB (and I) are finally back online with a lot of catching up to do. I entered my third trimester two days ago and with less than 13 weeks to go with are swinging into high gear. A quick update on the status of MBB:

  • MBB may have started his/her own rockband in my stomach. At 2lbs and about 14 inches I am getting lots of wonderful movement that Jason can finally feel on a regular basis. With that and the growing belly I have started to solicit tummy touching - a word to the wise - please ask first! I promise to let everyone feel if MBB is moving but if it is a quiet time I like to give my tummy a break once in a while.

  • According to my emails, MBB's lungs are capable of breather air and his/her brain is crazy active. I can only imagine what MBB was thinking on our four mile hike last weekend.

MBB and I will be starting birthing classes (2x a month till Bday) next Thursday. The birthing center has their own classes and once we start those we will see if we have any need for additional ones.

Jason and I have our five year anniversary tomorrow and part of the celebration includes my first prenatal massage! I can't wait. We are going to spend part of Sunday playing in Buy Buy Baby so look forward to our registry growing as well.

Lastly, a report, on the birth of Bing (now more commonly known as Ilana Rose Chandler) who made her way into this world on July 1 at 7:05pm. At 6lbs 9oz and 19.5 inches long (almost taller than me already!) she makes Beth and Darryl "Aunt Beth and Uncle Darryl" getting them ready for the swaddling and diaper changes to come with MBB ;)