Monday, November 30, 2009

Worth the wait

I know I had promised to update faithfully every day of our vacation, but a bad Internet connection thwarted my efforts. So now we are back in town and connecting with relative ease so I am back on the updating train.
The last few days of our vacation were wonderful and as you probably suspect we ate and relaxed alot more. It also snowed quite a bit on Friday and we got to enjoy the beautiful scenery while in the warm comfort of the house.
As you can see Lilah had a great time helping me cook, carve, and eat everything we were preparing and tried to taste everything raw and cooked as we all prepared our many many meals.
Although we had a wonderful time, it is great to be home and we plan to spend the next two weekends catching up on the house and getting ready for the holidays.

Speaking of getting ready...we will also be getting ready for a new Boig addition to the family. Jason and I are expecting our second Baby Boig on May 30th! With lots of excitement but nervousness you will get to again read about all the fun in and outs of pregnancy + the current Miss Lilah - so get ready it will be blogging fun!

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Happy Thanksgiving!

Well at least it will be (a Happy Thanksgiving that is) for most of you by the time you read this. We have a lot to be thankful for this year, not least of all our relaxing vacation!

As we are gearing up to put our turkey in the oven tomorrow, we have been continuing to eat our way through Deep Creek, MD and our well stocked pantry.

Today in addition to doing not a whole lot of anything else, Elizabeth taught me how to make chocolates all afternoon (I learned how to make empanadas yesterday!). As you can see if you look closely into the photos we filled the refrigerator with lots of different homemade treats. Lilah got to sample her new favorite which I am calling "Chocolate, marshmallows and peanuts mush!" Trust me it is much tastier than it sounds.
We also did take some time to try to get the kids outside to exercise, but it turns out that the state parks were closed today, so running around the backyard and then playing "Toddler Cage Match" in Alexander's pack n play was the best we could do to wear them out.

Off to a movie and then bed so we can all be well rested for tomorrow's hard days work of eating and (you guessed it!) eating.

Happy Thanksgiving to all!

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Wait where's Lilah?

It seems that I have taken more photos of Pie (Alexander) then Lilah the last two days, so I thought I would share some of our current vacation before I move on to September.

Also a big shout out to Beth who is much warmer that we are today celebrating her birthday with family and friends in Atlanta

We are having a great time relaxing in Deep Creek and Lilah and Alexander are having a fantastic time playing together. This trip and last weekends birthday party are the first time that Lilah has really played well with other toddlers than the one she spends her days with. It has been great for us to see her development.
Besides playing we have all been doing a lot of eating and baking and then some more eating. You can see the Pie loves Santiago's famous waffles.

So with all that eating we have made sure to get in our daily workout. You can see Lilah practicing some of the new exercises on the Wii Fit Plus that we got right before we headed off on vacation.
Tomorrow we start our Thanksgiving cooking and some chocolate making fun.

Moving on to a quick look back at September (that will get us all the way to my last blog post at the end of August!) we ended the month with Lilah's' second birthday. It was more like a birthday week as she got to celebrate her actual birthday, mid-week at the park with all her friends there and then a big birthday of our family and friends at the end of the week.

For the other celebration in September we headed up to NJ to celebrate Lilah's Aunt Ashley's graduation from graduate school. Lilah met some horses for the first time and had a wonderful time feeling the coy fish at my Aunt's house.

That catches everyone up to date! Come back tomorrow for some new photos, milestone updates and more fun stories.

Monday, November 23, 2009

It's Fall! (well it was when these things happened)

October in the DC metro area is a fun time that always bring out the best things about fall.
Repeating the fun time from last year we headed out with a larger group of adults (and kids!) to the Butler's Orchard Pumpkin festival at the end of October.
Lilah got to experience her first time in a moon bounce and although we were not sure how she would like it, you can see from her expression the biggest problem we had was getting her out to go pick the pumpkins.
We also enjoyed eating carmel apples (well I did at least) and petting the animals they had.

The night before that we attended Boo at the Zoo where they open up the National Zoo to allow kids to go trick 'r treating by moonlight.

Lilah dressed up as a clown, although without makeup it is a little hard to tell. She was cute no matter what you think she was.
Lilah's grandma also visited in mid-October and we had fun attending music class and hanging out in the nice weather.

We also kicked off October with Lilah's second birthday party where Mickey Mouse (aka Uncle Steven) made an appearance and lots of fun was had by all. It was wonderful to see so many kids running around and playing together (while the adults ate and drank the day away of course!).

Wow - we are to September already. Well that is for another day (tomorrow!). Then we will be all caught up on adventures and I look forward to giving updates on "funny things Lilah has said in the past three months". As well as some more photos from our Deep Creek vacation.

A preview..... "Mommy I want to go downstairs to see my boy" - That would be today - that would be Alexander she is talking about :).

Sunday, November 22, 2009

We're back!

After a three month hiatus I am finally back to the MBB blog.

With a goal to write every day of our Thanksgiving vacation I figure we will be caught up by the time we head back home on Saturday. We are spending a week in Deep Creek, MD with the Reiches unwinding and relaxing with food, tv, food, an amazing view and did I mention food?

So starting today and heading back (throughout the week) to the end of August where I left off on our Lilah adventures.....

Today finds us at Deep Creek Lake where Lilah and Alexander are having fun playing together and Lilah is learning lots of new skills, including how to play Guitar Hero from her dad. As you can see she is getting pretty good at it. We expect her to be beating all of us by the end of the week.

Yesterday we helped Jordan celebrate his second birthday (Happy Birthday Jordan!). The party was super fun and Lilah loved it because she found all new toys to play with. As you can see Lilah tends to like other kids toys more than hers "new toys!".

We have also been enjoyed the warm days so far this winter by spending as much time outside as possible This is Lilah "helping daddy" to mow the lawn last weekend.

Last weekend we also visited more recent baby kate elisabeth parker, where we are happy to report that Lilah was very gentle and didn't poke Kate in the eye at all (which is more than I can say for the first time she met Alexander).

In early November, we headed out to Lancaster PA with Lilahs's Bubbe and Aunt Sarah for "Joint Birthday Weekend" where Bubbe and I celebrate our bday that are only a week apart. It was Lilah, however, who had the most fun at the Children's museum, the petting zoo and of course the obligatory big waffle.

We started off November right though, in NY with the NYC Marathon where Darryl was one of 52,000 runners to take on the amazing feat. With a great time and a great finish Lilah got her "cheer" on and her naps in. She loved the subway and talked for a week after about wanting to go on the train. Good thing we took her to a Caps game shortly after.

With one month down, I'll end there tonight, but will be back tomorrow to recap October!