Thursday, February 26, 2009

February Wrap-Up

February has flown by, so much that I realized I haven't posted in three weeks! (Good thing Jason posted the cute video to keep everyone coming back).

The last few weeks have been nothing short of insane with great times as well as sad times. The great times first....

Jason and I usually don't do much to celebrate Valentine's day, but this year was a lot of fun for the whole family. On V-day itself, Tara and Casey (her new doggie) came over and babysat Lilah while Jason and I got to go out for some grownup time. Lots of mexican and crepes later we rolled in to find Lilah soundly asleep for the rest of the night!

Then the next night Lilah and Alexander exchanged their first valentines day gifts, with much fun had by the parents. Lilah made Alexander a onesie that said "I choo-choo choose you" and Alexander provided Lilah a photo of himself for her room, green M&Ms and some new PJs (presented in a Victoria Secrets bag - parents have to stay sane somehow!).
Then this past weekend Lilah's five cousins came down to visit. Both families had a wonderful time together and Lilah and her cousin Reese spent a lot of time side by side.

Unfortunately, that ended the great times and has put us into some sad times. On Sunday night during the Oscars, Hunter had a small fainting/seizure spell. He had another on Monday and by Tuesday morning we were at the vet running every test they could think of.

At about the same time Lilah came down with a bad cold, that turned into croup and although she will be 100% OK by Monday it is a bit scary if you have never seen it before.

So yesterday was spent at pediatricians and vet's offices working to make everyone well again. For Lilah that will not be too hard - a few oral steroids and restful days (oh and two incidents of puking on Mommy if you must know) and she will be just fine. Unfortunately we are not so lucky with Hunter. He was diagnosed with a small tumor on his heart and spleen. The one around his heart is causing fluid to leak out and push on his heart - which is what is causing the passing out. We are researching, talking to vets and doing what we can - but it is not a fully treatable condition and we are faced with some very sad realities. He is a fantastic dog and we will love him and enjoy him for as long as we can.

This weekend we plan to keep it low key with some friendly dinner and time around the house keeping everyone calm and relaxed. Realizing March is just around the corner...

Thursday, February 19, 2009

Lilah's smarts.

Proud Father here - In case you didn't know certain parts of the body, here is Lilah to give a quick rundown of a few of them

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Brrrrr - It's time for indoor activities!

With the weather getting colder (except this past weekend!) and a bit of random snow, we have been staying inside a bit more than usually the last few weeks. This means lots of entertaining for Lilah - times when she entertains us and times when we have to entertain her!

Lilah has gotten very good at what the clinical folks call "independent play." She is usually happy to sit with a book for a bit, play in her kitchen or sometimes just run in circles around the house. However, when she wants your attention, she is sure to get it as she is getting more vocal each day. Mastering the word "please" Lilah knows that it will get her just about anything and so she uses it for basically any occasion.

Jason and Darryl are in the process of building her a Leggo table, but the Leggos delivered before the table was completed so Lilah has discovered the joy of putting things together only to take them apart again! You can see in the background that Hunter is worn out just watching all her activity,

This past weekend was a busy one for the whole Boig family. On Thursday night my sister and mom arrived from their trek cross country - delivering my sister safely to DC where she will be for the next six month interning at The World Bank - hurray! Then on Friday we had music class, followed by a trip to Aunt Ashley's apartment where Lilah ran around for at least an hour from room to room to make sure it was satisfactory for her Aunt to live in.

On Saturday Lilah had her first non family non friend babysitter in over a year, while Jason and I attended a most amazing dinner with Erika and David that they had bid on in an silent auction. Lilah took it in stride and was fast asleep, full and happy when we arrived home.

Sunday was a day of sports. For those following along on my Twitter feed you have seen the photos - but in case you missed it we attended the Caps hockey game around 12:30 where Lilah proceeded to fall asleep early in the third period.

We then headed home to clean up and get ready for Superbowl, where we had a few of our favorite (and Lilah's favorite) folks over including - you guessed it - Alexander! She also took in some quiet reading time with Beth and Mookie - which would be cute enough expect that we learned that night that she can also say "Beth" and today she has learned to say "Mookie!". Good thing she learned to finally say "Mommy" first!.
With quite an exciting gamem Lilah fell asleep in the last (and I am not kidding here) 45 seconds of the game making her mom miss one of the greatest comebacks and then turnarounds in years.

And because no posting is complete without some videos - here is Lilah rocking out to her "Fridge DJ."

As well as her "Lawnmower Dance."