Monday, December 31, 2007

Lilah is three (months old)!

As you can see, we had such a crazy celebration for Lilah's three month birthday yesterday that everyone passed out early (ok not really - we did practically nothing and this is Lilah and the dog's afternoon nap - and no we have not gotten a new dog that's just Mookie visiting for a few days).

So now that we have three sets of photos to compare to a few things to note.

1. Lilah can no longer fit complely on my chest when I type, she is curled up in a little ball and still her feet are mostly under the computer.

2. She is about 12 lbs making for super strong arms for her parents (yea muscles!)

3. She is sleeping between 5-7 hours per night which is just heaven.

4. She is making the best noises (you just have to hear them too hard to describe) and eating her hand - both which help her entertain herself and allow me to do things like shower and use the bathroom on a regular basis.

5. She can hold her head up as long as she is not tired and she is getting WAY better at tummy time (thank you to all those parents who told me not to worry!).

OK with all of that out of the way, I promised some more information on the nanny. Well first off we have one - yeaaaaaaaaaaa. The whole last part of the nanny sage reads like one of those cheesy romance movies I hate - "Boy meets girl, boy loses girl, boy gets girl back" except that we ended up with even a better nanny than we orginally started with. After what seems like months of looking we will have Mamy (pronounced with a hard "a" so no Mamy the Nanny jokes sorry!) starting January 22nd at the other couples house in Bethesda. As most of you know I will be going back to work January 7th (sniff sniff) so we will have a two week gap. The first week Jason and I will be alternating working from home and the second week my Aunt Karen and Uncle Fred will be coming down to take care of Miss Lilah. So thank you to EVERYONE who put out feelers for me, talked to coworkers and listen to my endless babble about all of this nanny stuff. We are done!

I know I still owe a follow up to my BPA and pinkies rock teaser, but I think this is long enough for today but I promise to post that up before Aunt Ashley arrives to visit on Wednesday.


Sunday, December 30, 2007

We have a nanny!

We have a nanny! We have a nanny! We have a nanny! We have a nanny!

More to come later.......

Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Happy Enchilada X-mas and other fun things

What a difference a week makes! It seems that each day Lilah is doing something new. The photo on the left is one of her newest tricks of sucking on her hand - she can get that entire thing in her mouth. I thought it was an amazing feat (becuase of course I can't fit my hand in my mouth - go ahead try it!) till Jason reminded me that she has no teeth which provides her another two inches of space or so.

She has also started batting at objects and once she learns to uncurl her hand will do an excellent job of grabbing things (Hunter watch out!). Lilah is also learning to entertain herself leaving me time to actually update this blog :) Last but not least she is trying to sit up. She needs a bit more head control first but darn if she doesn't want to get there. It is so amazing to watch.

And of course she has had some adventures since last week.....

On Wednesday we had our second mommy and Lilah playdate with Gail and Jordan. This made me realize that all of the moms I hang out with in this area have boys - Lilah doesn't know how luckly she is ;)

Then this weekend we headed back up to New Jersey for Chanukah fun at Bubbe's (Jason's mom's) house. Lilah had a great time playing under her Chanukah tree and opening her presents. She got her very first pony and lots of super cute outfits.

Yesterday Lilah attended her first, but not last, Enchilada Christmas at Elizabeth and Santiago's house. It is a Boig family tradition and so Lilah was sure to wear her party best (thank you Sydney for the hand me down!).
We are taking it easy and relaxing today to recoup from all the craziness. It is looking to be a calm rest of the season, but I am sure Lilah's progress will continue so there will be much to report.
Up next post....BPA in bottles and why the pinky finger rocks!

Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Sleep Lilah Sleep :)

Lilah is sleeping through the night (Note that the AAP defines sleeping through the night as midnight to 5am)! Then she goes back to bed from about 7 to 8:30 - woohoo. I guessing being such a popular girl is wearing her out as she is finally learning to settle herself down when she wakes up in the middle of the night and is becoming more comfortable taking naps in her swing and her co-sleeper so I have even been able to shower before going out some days. Yea Lilah!
Of course we have also been crazy busy so bad on the photo end (New Years resolution #1 - more photo taking!).
Yesterday Lilah attended The Nature Conservancy marketing Holiday party and got lots of ooos aaas and cuddles. She was super good the whole 90 minutes except of course the two minutes the VPs got up to speak then as soon as the room was silent "waaaaaaaa" - boy does she know how to get everyone in a room to look at her :)
This weekend Lilah's Bubbe came to visit and we hung out, played a took a trip over to Corner Bakery where she delighted us all by sleeping through lunch! (it's the little things....). I do have a great photo of that once I can figure out how to get it off my camera. Lilah also got some more Hanukkah presents, but I got a baby yoga tape that we started doing this morning - she really likes it and in the more than you wanted to know category - it seem to help her burp!
Speaking of Lilah I hear her waking up from her morning nap - so good day to everyone!

Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Lilah goes traveling

A busy busy girl our Lilah has been this past week (and her Mommy and Daddy!). She has continued to enjoy Hanukkah as you can see from the photo on the left - especially the part where she gets a present each night! The block set is from Aunt Ashley and was her second night gift.

Lilah has also been to visit her new friend Jordan Reese (mentioned in an earlier blog) who is just a few weeks old. She looks quite big compared to him :). Unfortunately I forgot to take any photos of the two of them together, so that will have to come on our next visit.

On Friday, Lilah went to the Janssen house to pick up delicious Hanukkah homeade cookies from Heather and her girls. She also received the book pictured on the left. Look at her go - if I didn't know better (however I do) I would think she is actually reading.

This weekend Lilah took her first trip to her parents homeland - New Jersey! Anyone who talked to me last week knew I was very very very nervous about the trip, but I am happy to report that she was a wonderful traveler. Both she and Hunter did great in the car and at Grandma Ellen's house. On Saturday night she also got to enjoy hanging out with her Bubbe, Aunt Karen and Uncle Fred and Uncle Mark and Aunt Barbara. Then Sunday Grandma Ellen invited some of her friends over including Aunt Ashley's best friend Katie. Lilah was quite the super star. Of course we also forgot to take photos of the weekend!

Last night Lilah got to hand out with Curly (oh yea and Anne ;) ) where she promptly showed off her "International Sign for Cocker Spaniel".

Pvew what a busy busy gal Lilah is. Tomorrow a lunch date, then Friday another lunch date and Bubbe comes for a few days. We will have to remember to take more photos - I am such a slacker!

Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Happy Hanukkah!

Happy Hanukkah to all. Yesterday Lilah celebrated her first night of Hanukkah and is in the tradition in my family was allowed to open just one gift. (Hey it works out you are always guaranteed to get at least eight gifts!) Last nights gift was from Maria - an awesome "Roll Along Turtle" that does shapes and numbers. Lilah says THANK YOU! She also got a pre gift from Seth at lunch - her first dreidel. Photos of all of this to come soon.

This photo is from Saturday when Lilah was visited by Kate and her so cute son John. John is a little over one and I quickly learned thing that I will need to baby proof as soon as Lilah starts to walk! This is what Lilah did during the entire visit - she was so good all weekend!

Saturday I also left Lilah along for a few hours (the first time for this) to go get my hair done and get some lunch where I could eat with both hands. I am happy to report Lilah and Jason had a fantastic time playing and hanging out. Yea Boigs :)

As I mentioned in an earlier post Saturday night was Beth's Bday party and we had fun seeing babies of all ages including Ilana whose birth was announced on this blog earlier this summer. They were all so good and all moms got to eat. This is Stephanie who you sometimes see commenting on this blog feeding Lilah.

Sunday Lilah was visited by my Aunt Diane, Aunt Missy, Uncle Bennett and Grandpa Hyman for brunch - what a weekend for Lilah (as always!). This weekend we are heading up to my mom's house for a few days where Lilah will get her first glimpse of New Jersey - I can't wait to see her reaction! (this is a joke for all of those who will comment - she is only a baby and won't remember anything).

An update as promised on the "Flat Lilah" project. We have a total of 24 states and 4 countries now that have viewed the blog. Almost half way there folks keep sharing.

OK off to show Lilah snow for the first time. Stay warm everyone.