Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Back From North Carolina!

So much has gone on since my last post I am not even sure where to start! If you have been reading along you know that last Wednesday Lilah, Jason and I left for North Carolina for a multi-legged family vacation.

After a five and half hour drive down to Washington, NC we arrived around 4pm at Jason's Grandmother's house. This was the first time that Grandma Boig (Great Grandma Boig to Lilah!) was to met Lilah - who is her first great-grandchild. You can see from the photos that they got along quite well and Lilah was a little angel (except for the part where I would have liked to sleep a bit at night).

We spend a few great days relaxing in the beautiful weather and Lilah was so relaxed she even forgot she wasn't suppose to let us know she could hold her own bottle.

We left Washington and Grandma Boig on Friday to head over two hours to the Durham, NC airport just in time to pick up my mom who was in town for the next leg of our trek - Great Uncle Bob's 90th Bday party.

We stayed at the most amazing hotel, and Friday night was just spent catching up with relatives I hadn't seen in years and years and even more years. Lilah got her first experience in a pool - as Jason kept saying "It's just a bit bath!"

I think after this experience I need to renew my hunt for swimming lessons for Lilah - she had a blast.

Saturday was Bob's Bday part at the Carolina Inn where we all dressed up, had fun and enjoyed then sun. Then more partying and relaxing on Saturday night and after a quick trip to what is now my favorite southern market back up five and a half hours to our place on Sunday night.

Overall Lilah was amazing, only cranky on the way back from NC in the car - but so was I after so much time cooped up in my seat. So in the famous words of...well someone..."A good time was had by all".

Next post - Lilah's six month professional photos are in and amazing!

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Lilah turns 7.5 months (but we finally have photos of the bear)

Better late than never I always say! As you can see from Lilah's seven month bear photo she is getting quite a personality. She is also getting a lot of hair! The other photo is from five months and you can see her face is becoming more defined and somehow she is even getting taller! (who knew).

As anyone who had been reading along knows, this past month has brought lots of amazing changes and interactivity. Lilah is babbling day and night and we can't wait till we can understand what she is saying. She is also trying to desperately to crawl but so far can only succeed in backwards.

And she loves music. In any form. This is Lilah with her piano (thank you Heather for the hand-me-down!). She loves to hear the music and had learned how she can turn it on and keep it going. I have signed her up for a music class for four Fridays in August and I know she will love it.

Well off to get my kiddo and see what amazing thing she did today!

Monday, May 12, 2008

Lilah tries new things

Every day we think we have seen Lilah's coolest trick yet - but then we wake up the next morning she does something even cooler. As you can see from the photo on the left she has most definitely started to teeth and is chewing on anything in sight.

Even though she has not perfected her frontwards crawling yet, Lilah and her Dad spend a lot of time "walking" around restaurants whenever she needs to stretch her legs. As you can see they have a good thing going!

This last photo was taken yesterday and the stroller Lilah is holding on to is Jordan's. We had a wonderful mother's day brunch with our friends Gayle and Erik and their son who is about two months younger than Lilah. Both kids were great - especially once we gave Lilah the chopsticks to bang on the table with. (She has also learned she has the ability to make noise!).

This week is looking to be a quiet one - and then next week travel to North Carolina where Lilah will meet her Great Grandma!

Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Two updates in one day!

When you have video this cute it just can't wait another day.

Lilah is ready for summer (and the fun that goes with it)

Yes that is a baby bikini! As the weather gets warmer the outfits get cuter.

It seems that Spring is finally here and Lilah is enjoying it to the utmost. This weekend we spent as much time outside as possible.

On Sunday my mom, Jason, Lilah and I went up to Fredrick Maryland to watch Darryl beat his personal Marathon record - under four hours! It was an amazingly beautiful day outside and Lilah loved cheering on the runners and giving them smiles as they pass by. We then spent the rest of the afternoon working in the garden until Lilah's Uncle Steven (Jason's brother) came over for a cookout and Lilah got to show off some of her new toys to him

We spend Saturday morning purchasing a new recliner and love seat for our living room. And yes, for those of you who have already asked, Hunter will still be allowed on the new furniture but it will be covered with a sheet. The afternoon was also spent gardening so as you can tell, the garden is coming along well and is in good shape.

This week is looking to be beautiful outside as well, so look for Lilah in the grass, Lilah with flowers, Lilah hanging out in the garden pics to come soon.

Thursday, May 1, 2008

Happy 7 months Lilah!

Seven months have flown by! And so has the past 10 days which is why I haven't updated a posting :) so forgive me and I will try to do some catching up now.

When last I updated Lilah had enjoyed her first night of Passover at Darryl and Beth's house. The next afternoon we had our first ever play date with Ilana (Beth's niece). As you can see if the photos to the left, the girls got along quite well. Although Lilah did spend most of the time trying to pull Ilana's socks off.

For the second night of Passover Tara and I hosted at her house. This time Lilah stayed awake through the seder and passed out during the meal - maybe it was the three glasses of wine (oh wait that was just me!).

Later that week we were visited by Jarrod, Kelly and Baby Fraham (to be born in July) who are on a house search for their move back in June. Lilah performed all of her fun tricks including one that required a serious bath afterwards ;)

Then this past weekend my Dad and Valerie were in town visiting my Uncle Bennett and of course Lilah! She has had some serious visitors, which is good because any day now she is suppose to enter the phase where she only wants to be with Jason and I - so visitors come now before we get there!

In addition, although it does not relate to Lilah - can you believe it, this past weekend I also ran a 5K. I have been training for the past two months or so and am happy to say I completed it and ran the whole thing. Beth, Darryl and Tara also ran as well as a good portion of my office since some of the proceeds go to support, a Nature Conservancy project.

This weekend my mom is in town, we have Darryl's 13th marathon and dinner with Eliz mom. Photos of month 7 on the bear and our weekend adventure to come next week!