Tuesday, June 26, 2007

99 days to go!

Last night when I was fixing the post from last week that never went up (blah!) I realized that it was100 days from MBB's entrance into the world. Which makes today UNDER 100 days or 99 days to go. WOW!

So what is in store for MBB (and us) the next 99 days:
  • Travel to Maine, Connecticut, Pennsylvania, Virginia, West Virginia and then Maine again (we got back from Ohio last night)
  • One last camping weekend!
  • Trips to visit the grandmothers in New Jersey
  • Baby shower fun (check out our registries to the left of this entry)
  • Many family and friend's birthdays
  • And of course many more trips to the birthing center (check out a birthing room -http://www.developingfamilies.org/dcbc.html)

With so much to come the time doesn't seem long enough..but then we will have MBB here! Is it bad if I start to sing 99 bottles of beer on the wall? ooo beer maybe 99 days does seem like a long time :)

Sunday, June 24, 2007

Don't cry for me MBB....

OK as far as inanimate go, I thought a Rubby Ducky was weird till I opened up my e-mail this week and saw that MBB is suppose to be a Box of Tissues. Seriously I am looking at my stomach and back to the tissues in by bedroom and then to my stomach again and there is NO way that thing is fitting in me :)

In a quick breakdown:

  • At 13.5 inches MBB weighs about a pound and a half and is beginning to look like a mini newborn.
  • Already getting ready for the treats of this world (like chocolate!) buds for permanent teeth area lining up behind baby teeth.
  • MBB is practicing using his/her arms and legs, but the babys skin is still loose and wrinkly, and hangs like a too-big pair of pants.

This week MBB will go to Ohio, Connecticut and Maine so we will both be back online as soon as we can!

Wednesday, June 13, 2007

The Baby Mural is Done!

The mural is done the mural is done!

After two days of painting away in the hot DC heat my Uncle Fred has finished the baby mural for MBB's room.

The photo takes up the wall above where the dresser/changing table will go so MBB will get to look up at amazing animals (hopefully as a good distraction) each time we change him/her.

The mural matches our baby room theme of Mommy and Me - baby animals with their family. I love love the birds and hippos, but they are all great.

You can see some close up shots of the mural below. I am hoping this bodes well for us to finish off all the other MBB projects this week (bathroom, closet) so you will see many more photos to come. Only 16 weeks to go.......

Tuesday, June 5, 2007

From tasty to purple

With only 17 weeks to go, we are starting to move a little faster in anticipation of MBBs arrival. Not as fast as MBB moves when she/he is turning somersaults in my stomach though.

So fast (and strong) that Sunday night Jason was able to feel MBB for the first time!!! Go MBB go - kick away.

This week quck stats:
  • MBB is the size of an eggplant (with more hair though I am sure!). At least 8.25-11 inches and just over 1lb the baby is starting to take some real shape.
  • According to my emails, this week MBB can hear sounds and is sensitive to loud noises and can probably hear Hunter barking. Apparently this is a good thing so MBB won't be scared by these loud sounds once he/she is out enjoying the world.

My mom was in town this weekend and we treated MBB's new bathroom (and the one guests use as well) to a new makeover. Once completed I will post up some photos for all to see.

Also as a milestone tomorrow is my June doctors appointment where we hear the heartbeat, measure MBB and I get to step on that scale again. Fun!