Thursday, March 27, 2008

Is there anything she can't do?

As I mentioned a few posts ago, the past few weeks have been amazing in terms of watching the growth in Lilah. She had really started to share her amazing personality with us as well as increasing her physically abilities and accuracy.

The photo to the left is from just a few hours ago - Lilah's first time in a high chair. Jason and I had a good laugh at how small she looks considering she looks HUGE in all of the infant seats and mats that we had for her when she was born.

This one is from yesterday. Lilah is getting very close to holding her own bottle, so the nanny and I have been encouraging her by giving her some time to play with it when she isn't super hungry. I entitled this one "You've got to start them multitasking early.

The photo of her reaching for the iron fence is from New Orleans (more on that to come another day). We went on a two hour tour of the garden district and she was just amazed by everything and loved to touch and feel the different textures around her.

Lilah is also continuing on her quest of new foods. She loves to try to feed herself which we let her do after she has had a few bites for us. At her six month appointment tomorrow we will learn more about her growth and progress - both of which I expect to be great.

And lastly, well, I just like this picture :). It's also from New Orleans and really shows what we have been enjoying the past few weeks as far as her smiles and interaction.

A fun time to be had by all!

Friday, March 21, 2008

Lilah's Photos Are Moving!

One of the outcomes of the conference that I have been at this week, is that we are slowly starting to move all of our Lilah photos that are on Snapfish, Picassa, Kodak Gallery and a bunch of other places all to centralize on Flickr. We can only upload 100MB per month and with many many more than that it will take us several months to get everything uploaded, but for now we have everything from 2007 up at:
In case you are wondering - why the move? It is an easy way to short, organize, tag and share photos of Lilah (and other Boig like things) in an easy to use free place where folks can download the originals if they want, and comment if they want.
I will make sure to keep everyone updated when new photos are uploaded! Are we sure we can't get 27 hours into one day!

Thursday, March 20, 2008

New Orleans!

Well, we made it to New Orleans yesterday and have been having a blast ever since. Lilah was fantastic on both of our flights - even sleeping through the rough turbulence of the second one. The lady behind us on the first flight got up at the end and said "Oh my goodness, I didn't even realize there was a baby there". Not sure I could ask for much more (OK maybe I could ask for less turbulence next time).

While I have been attending the NTEN conference, Jason and Lilah have been exploring the city. Today they went to the Aquarium, Riverwalk and Jackson Square. Jason said he will blog all about it for everyone and he took lots of photos I would upload if I had remembered to bring our upload converter. The weather has been great and Lilah has been the hit of the after parties! She is a tremendous trooper and we can't believe how many people want to come over and talk to us just to meet her - she is the ultimate networking tool.

The conference itself has been working and I think that Jason and I found a solution to our - do we get a video camera or not debate. After hearing, seeing and researching in the past 24 hours about The Flip camcorder - I suspect we will get one when we get back home. It sounds simple and perfect for our needs and then soon you will be able to see Lilah video on this site.

All for now as everyone else has been sleeping for a while and I have to start bright and early at an 8:30 session. Good technology to all!

Monday, March 17, 2008

Quick Reminder

Just a quick reminder to all that the Boig family will be hanging in New Orleans this week so we will be back online with updates next week. (OK Jason and Lilah will be hanging and I will be at a kick butt conference!!)
Till then....

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Fun and Food!

This past weekend Lilah celebrated her Daddy's bday for the first time. I must say she is much more generous than I have ever been and she (along with Mookie and Hunter) gave Jason a Nintendo DS for use on the metro to and from his new job. (for anyone who doesn't have his new cell, shoot me and email and I will send it to you).

Along with his birthday came the funtastic filled party which could not have been complete without a homemade Wii cake. If you are not familiar with the Wii (or for those of you who are from another planet with birthday cake) it is a tall thin video game unit that has been much fun for our family and friend. The cake consisted of five layers - including homemade buttercream and fondant. Lilah did her part but giggling and jumping around in her Exersaucer - keeping us completely entertained even as the cake threatened to fall over.

Lilah has had her own culinary fun the past few weeks trying avocado and then this week banana. So far she seems to like everything and LOVES feeding herself with her spoon. Next week starts sweet potatoes!

Next Wednesday Lilah (and Jason and I) embark on our first plane ride together to New Orleans. I will be there attending a conference and Jason and Lilah will be enjoying the sites of the city. Then on the weekend we will be getting a personal tour from my sister's friend Josh who has lived in the city for a few years. So if you don't hear from me next week - be assured there are good stories to come.

Now off to bed before I fall asleep on my keyboard....

Tuesday, March 4, 2008

One stick of butter and six cups of powered sugar!

Last night Jason and I did a test run for the birthday cake we are creating for this birthday party this weekend. Since Lilah is now five month old she actually went to bed at 9pm allowing us the time to get the cake layered together and in the fridge for step two tonight (yea Lilah).

Since there was no 30th of February we have been debating if Lilah actually got to turn five months old, but under the argument that she did - we took some bear pictures. Since we are starting to get quite a bit of these (and since it is really hard to manipulate photos in Blogger) below you will see Lilah at one, three and five months with her Bear. As you can see her face is becoming a lot more defined and she is doing her favorite thing ever - grabbing her feet! She grabs her feet every chance she gets and especially loves doing it with her diaper off where she has the flexibility to then put them in her mouth. More later this week on avocado eating.

Also, for those of you who we haven't talked to in the last week or so - Jason has a new job - whoo hoo. More to come on that as well.