Thursday, October 30, 2008

Lilah's first hair cut (and other stuff)

Wow two postings in one week! It must be the cold weather keeping me more tied to my computer.

Well what the cold weather is NOT doing is keep Lilah and the rest of us inside! As you can see she enjoys being all bundled up and out and about on the town. And tonight "on the town" was over to Lakeforest Mall to get Lilah's first hair cut at Cartoon Cuts, a salon especially for kids.

The event started as well as Lilah sat in her chair and watched Elmo on the TV in front of her. Unfortunately that peace only lasted until the nice hairdresser spritz her hair water and got out her scissors.

It was at that point that Lilah showed her true feelings and had one of the few breakdowns that we have seen. (Although if a stranger started coming at my head with a sharp pointy object you can bet I would have a breakdown as well!). Thankfully the hairdresser had seen it all and was skilled enough to still cut her bangs in a straight line!

Also thankfully, she always recovers fast, especially when given some new toys to play with.

As you can see her curls are still intact and we were very pleased with the results.

Lilah is becoming more playful day by day. Two quick snapshots of her "hiding and seeking" and her "bear hugs".

Next up we have interactive video with dancing!

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Lilah and Jenna's Excellent Adventures

This weekend saw lots of wild and crazy adventures for Lilah and her mom (that's me!). As we have the last few weekends, Jason has spent some concentrated time working on completing the installation for our bedroom floors and Lilah and I have worked to get out of his way and out of the house!

On Saturday afternoon Lilah and I ventured to her last swim class of the session where she received her - "Your doing great!" certificate from our instructor Mary. We will miss the next two weeks as we head out of town, but will be back swimming mid-November till the end of the year. After that, and in anticipation of Mom's wild night out, Lilah, Tara and I headed out for an impromptu shopping spree at Kohl's where Lilah surprised us all by learning to fall asleep in her new stroller! Then back to the house where Dad took over for nighttime fun and games and mom headed out pretending to be 21 (well 19 acting like 21) for a night on the town with friends.

Sunday morning brought new adventures as Lilah and Mom (and Beth!) ventured out to Darryl's 15th (yes you read correctly 15th) marathon. Coming in at his 3rd best time ever Lilah cheered and cheered for Darryl and all the rest of the runners.

She also really enjoyed watching the planes go by from National Airport!
After the marathon and a quick stop to eat, the ladies headed out to the pumpkin festival at Butlers Orchard. Some pumpkin picking, apple eating and animal petting later we all headed back to crash at our respective houses.

An adventurous weekend but a wonderful time! Next up this weekend - relaxation in Deep Creek MD for Bday fun with the Reiches!

Friday, October 24, 2008

What IS she eating!

Over the past week, I have been amazed by the shear sneakiness (some call it "personality") that Lilah has developed and I have shared the following tale with several of you:

As you can see from the photo on the left, Lilah has started eating with us at the dinner table. She eats a range of things from fish to spinach and still on occasion jar food -- although she likes to feed it to herself as I am sure you can tell from this photo. In addition, she REALLY likes to feed Hunter from the table. Although Jason and I have been working to deter this behavior, she is pretty committed to making sure Hunter is not left out of the dinner process. So, what she has done is to put food in her mouth and then when Jason and I look away - taking it out of her mouth and SNEAKING IT TO HUNTER! Now granted she is only one and not all that sneaky, but still, I am not sure if I should be annoyed that she is trying to put one over on us, or damn proud (I think I am going with damn proud).

The other food item that bring me much humor is apples. Anytime we go to the grocery story, Lilah MUST have an apple to gnaw on as we travel up and down the aisles. At first she only made little dents in it, but as she is getting more and more teeth. she had been able to finish quite a bit of it so that when I give it to the cashier to way and pay, I almost feel like they should weigh Lilah as well. And since a video is worth tons of words check this out from about a hour ago (getting home from tonight grocery shopping.)

That poor apple - it didn't know what hit it!

Thankfully as she gets older Lilah is still on her best behavior in restaurants as long as we keep her entertained. What counts as entertaining you may ask....well this video says it all!

And with that I say "Good night!"

Monday, October 20, 2008

Lilah is walking! (well she is "stepping")

Yes. the rumor is true! Lilah has taken her first steps and she has taken them several times. This past Thursday Lilah walked from Jason to me, and back again several times taking as many as four steps without falling!

Why did it take so long for blog post you may ask? Well, it took that many days for us to be able to capture it with a video, and not even a good video at that. But below are the two best attempts we have been able to make to show off one of Lilah's biggest growth steps (ha ha get it "steps") ever!

Along with her first steps, Lilah has also become a full fledged toddler - attitude and all. The photo above shows Jason feeding her broccoli and turkey meatballs with chopsticks. We were having sushi with Darryl and Beth last night and Lilah refused to eat unless she was eating the same way the rest of us were. So chopsticks it was! Tonight she had the same fish (snapper) and spinach that Jason and I were having. Fun stuff having a real "little person" around.

And now on to the videos....

Lastly, since I like to keep the tone of my blog lighthearted, if you want to see what I truly think of Baby's R Us head on over to Darryl's blog "Nobody Likes a Jerk" for a different side of the Boigs (well just this Boig).

Evening and happy walking to all!

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

The parties are over, but not the fun!

As you might be able to tell, since I have not updated my Facebook status since last Wednesday, it has been a crazy fun week around the Boig household. And as you know, this past weekend was Lilah's third and last bday party!

This party was at our place and with about 30 friends, family and many children was quite a crazy time (although now that I think about it I think we had that many folks at my Aunt Missy's just more kids and less adults!).

True to form, Lilah did a very good job of not smashing her cake, but doing her well known "one finger" trick of touching it and then licking icing off of her finger.

A few folks commented to me how wonderful it was to have Lilah surrounded by so many folks who clearly loved and cared about her. What a wonderful thing to hear!

We also had a great time after the party opening the fantastic and generous gifts from everyone - thank you! You can see Lilah modeling one of her new outfits here.

Before all of the fun festivities Lilah had her one year pediatrician appointment on Friday. And...drum roll...out of the Dr's mouth she is "perfect". She is 19lbs and 11oz and 50% in both height and weight. Of course she still sports the 95% head thanks to her dad. :)

Thankfully we have very little planned the next few weeks and plan to relax and finish our bedroom flooring so that Lilah and Hunter can have even more fun sliding around in their socks (and paws).

Tales of food, fun and bday videos in our next post....stay tuned!

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Lilah Eats Her First Corn on the Cob

Last night, Lilah & Jenna came over to cook dinner for David & me (this is Erika guest blogging in order to get the rather long video uploaded). After playing with Koko and crawling around for awhile, Lilah attacked her first piece of corn on the cob and David was there to catch our amused & somewhat inappropriate reactions. Mmmmm...tasty!

Thanks again Jenna & Lilah for a very fun evening! We really appreciate it. See you Saturday!

Saturday, October 4, 2008

Lilah's "Second" Everything

As Jason and I were perusing the holiday outfits around Buy Buy Baby today, it occurred to me that Lilah is officially past all of the "Baby's 1st...." outfits since she has already experienced everything the first time around. What a realization that was! (It also made me realize I had to change the timeline on the top of this blog, which you will see now points towards her 2nd bday.)

Lilah birthday celebrations are continuing and this week we celebrated her actual birthday this past Tuesday with my dad and his wife Val.

Lilah is having a wonderful time opening all of her new toys and clothes and is quickly picking up on new things she can learn - such is copying mom and dad talking on the phone.

Lilah had a lot of fun trying to blow out her "birthday muffin" which she then realized she wasn't even allowed to eat :)

Lilah got to spend most of her bday week with her daddy as I was out in the woods for a work retreat. Lilah and daddy had a fantastic time playing and even singing and dancing in Friday's weekly music class (I wish I had a picture!).

And with a birthday comes the 12th bear photo. It is amazing to us she used to fit in the tiny armpit of the bear!

We call these her devil and angel photos.

Looking ahead to year #2 we already have some fantastic adventures planned - another party on the 11th for more friends and family, a trip to Deep Creek MD with the Reiches, and lots of swim and music classes ahead.

So rest up everyone, Lilah's "Second" will be a first for all of us!