Friday, August 29, 2008

Yes it's more Lilah crawling!

Note on this video: Lilah's mommy (that's me) tried for a very long time to turn this video the correct way but is now tired and a wee but cranky so if you want to check it out - sorry you will have to turn your head.

As Lilah gets older I have found different uses for toys that we played with six months ago (which seems like forever!). This was was giving to Lilah by my oldest (as in years we known each other, not her age) Maria when she was born. When Lilah was a few months old I was able to keep her from crying by playing it over and over and yes over again. Now, she loves to chase it down the hall and smash it into walls to watch me yell BOOM really loud over and over and yes over again.

If you watch very closely you can see a cameo appearance by Hunter!

As an addendum to tonight's post, Lilah requested a shout out (OK if she could talk, and read she would have - just take my word for it) to my good friend, and one of Lilah's babysitters!, Anne who is training for a half marathon in Arizona on January 18, 2009. Anne is training with the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society to raise money for the funding of blood cancer research, education and patient services. A topic incredibly near and dear to my heart. So a shout out and a link to her donation web site at: As an extra bonus if you donate $100 or more you get invited to an exclusive party at Anne's house in January, which itself will be worth quite a bit more fun than $100 would cost ya.

Lilah is lucky to have quite a large group of friends and family who volunteer and donate their time and money for many great causes!

Monday, August 25, 2008

Lilah and her friends

This weekend, Lilah (and her parents - that's us!) went to visit Alexander Reich (previously mentioned a few blogs ago) now that he is home from the hospital. This was Lilah and Alexander's first meeting and Lilah's first meeting of any baby much smaller than herself.

As you can see the introduction of the two went well. went well until I tried to hold Alexander and learned that our sweet, smiling Lilah has a bit of a jealous streak as she started yelling and grabbing for me - who knew!

This coming weekend we have two playdates (or "parentdates") with my friend Katie from work and her girls Harper and Alessi on Friday and Gayle, Erik and Jordan on Saturday.

Lilah also recieved a long distance "Hello" from her friend Delaney Garay currently residing in Germany. This photo shows her looking at a painting Delaney sent her of her little sister Claudia and a sunflower.

With the recent birth of Julianne Marie Frahm, 7 lbs. 8 oz, born July 30th, Lilah's group of friends continues to grow and spread.

Good thing she is getting good at napping - as she will need all that energy for playing!

Friday, August 22, 2008

The Zoo!

On one of the most beautiful days DC has seen this summer (at least according to the weatherfolk), Lilah got to go to the zoo. This past Wednesday Lilah's Bubbe, Uncle Steven and Aunt Sarah were in town and we all spent the day trying to hunt down some wild animals and take in the sun.

Starting out our visit around lunchtime, the pandas didn't want to come out to play, but luckily we were able to find this one (behind the frosted glass under where Lilah is standing) was taking a nap on its back just as cute as could be.

We also saw some elephants and gorillas, and Lilah checked out the kids area where the goats were very friendly and came right up to the side to visit. Lilah doesn't seem to be afraid of anything no matter how tall!

Lilah was fantastic, of course, even taking a nap while we munched on lunch and relaxed in the shade. After quite a hike through the zoo and back, we stopped to see one last turtle who was moving even slower than we were!

But eventually we had to come in out of the sun to visit our wild animal at home!

Although a fun day was had by all, we decided that next year maybe an April trip will be in order since the cooler weather may allow for more animal viewings.

In addition to getting out on the town, Lilah has also been learning new skills at home, including rocking in her new rocking chair from Bubbe. Go Lilah go!

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

10 months! (and a bit) and more video fun

Although we are closer to Lilah's 11th month B-day than her 10 month, I still wanted to make sure to post up these photos to share her growth this month. As you can see from the comparison to her three month photos she has grown quite a bit in size, but more amazingly she really is starting to look more"toddler-like" and a lot less "infant-like".

As Lilah get's older we get to try new things - like Cheerios! I guess no one told her the idea was to eat them :)

Tomorrow we head off for a day with Bubbe, Aunt Sarah and Uncle Steven. As it looks like the best weather day we have had all summer, we plan to be outdoors where who knows what trouble Lilah will get into!

Friday, August 15, 2008

The Fair!

You know summer is here when the Fair comes to town! (well and in DC when it is so unbearably hot and muggy you want to dive into the nearest pool).

This week Lilah got to experience the Montgomery County Fair which luckily is just five minutes from our house. The adventure was full of lots of new experiences from riding in a school bus to petting a goat to checking out the local historic fire trucks.

You can see from this video she is loving dancing to the music and waving around.

Music seems to be her passion right now. We are going to music class on Fridays (and swim class on Saturdays) and she loves to dance around, clap and sing out loud (well babble with a beat!). Any time there are one or two notes of music she tries to dance with her hands waving in the air. It amuses Jason and I to no end.

This coming weekend is set up to be a quiet, relaxing one. So off to relax! (OK well really to put in some laundry). Good weekend to all.

Thursday, August 7, 2008

Where has Lilah FLA and back!

It seems like many moons ago since I have updated the blog, but really it's only been two weeks. A ton of fun things have happened, but most recently a Boig/Camhi trip to Florida (well some Boigs and some Camhis). This past Sunday my sister Ashley, Lilah and myself headed out for a girls trip to just outside Jacksonville to visit my dad and his wife Valerie and I have the photos to prove it!

As you can see Lilah did fantastic on the plane, sleeping on the way there and playing/sleeping on the way back. Luckily she inherited her father's calm for flying. We arrived around 10:30pm on Sunday and after being introduced to their cat, and house headed off to bed to get some energy for the trip.

Lilah was a pretty good sleeping taking lots of needed naps, but also staying awake to enjoy the fun when it was available. The first day we vegged out at their house, playing in their baby pool and letting Lilah test our her new bikini!

On day two (Monday) we headed off to the beach for Lilah's first experience with sand and sea. Being a "shore girl" myself, I am proud to say that my daughter is following in my footsteps and had a fantastic time. You can see in this last beach photo one of the neat tricks Lilah's Aunt Ashley taught her :).
On our third day there we went to St. Augustine (oldest city in the US). Maybe it was the heat, but for some reason not a photo was taken - so you will just have to take my word for it that it was fun and a good time (and shopping) was had by all. Lilah was also entertained that evening by the Japanese steak house we dined at - YUM.

On our last day (yesterday) we went to the pool in my Dad's complex. They had a water play area for small children and as you can see Lilah had quite a time there as well. So three different water experience, three different bathing suits and I think Lilah loves her fun in the sun!

More photos to share and stories to tell, but for now we are going to enjoy the sun a bit more north in MD!