Thursday, May 1, 2008

Happy 7 months Lilah!

Seven months have flown by! And so has the past 10 days which is why I haven't updated a posting :) so forgive me and I will try to do some catching up now.

When last I updated Lilah had enjoyed her first night of Passover at Darryl and Beth's house. The next afternoon we had our first ever play date with Ilana (Beth's niece). As you can see if the photos to the left, the girls got along quite well. Although Lilah did spend most of the time trying to pull Ilana's socks off.

For the second night of Passover Tara and I hosted at her house. This time Lilah stayed awake through the seder and passed out during the meal - maybe it was the three glasses of wine (oh wait that was just me!).

Later that week we were visited by Jarrod, Kelly and Baby Fraham (to be born in July) who are on a house search for their move back in June. Lilah performed all of her fun tricks including one that required a serious bath afterwards ;)

Then this past weekend my Dad and Valerie were in town visiting my Uncle Bennett and of course Lilah! She has had some serious visitors, which is good because any day now she is suppose to enter the phase where she only wants to be with Jason and I - so visitors come now before we get there!

In addition, although it does not relate to Lilah - can you believe it, this past weekend I also ran a 5K. I have been training for the past two months or so and am happy to say I completed it and ran the whole thing. Beth, Darryl and Tara also ran as well as a good portion of my office since some of the proceeds go to support, a Nature Conservancy project.

This weekend my mom is in town, we have Darryl's 13th marathon and dinner with Eliz mom. Photos of month 7 on the bear and our weekend adventure to come next week!


Stefanie said...

AWWW! Two of the cutest little girls I know!

BTW...congrats on the 5k!

N & G said...

Happy 7 month birthday and congrats on the 5K. Hope you guys have a great weekend!!!