Monday, January 19, 2009

Snow Day!

It's been a pretty mild winter here so far in D.C. , so imagine our excitement today when we woke up to snow! As soon as Lilah got up and looked at the window she wanted to check it out - who can resist her "peese Momma" even in PJs.

After a few hours with the snow getting a bit higher, Lilah got to try out another one of the joys of winter snow - snowballs! We are going to head outside for some snow angel making after he nap but for now we are trying to make sure she knows to not eat the yellow snow.
For another first today Lilah got to try out her first box of crayons! It took her a bit of time to realizing they were for drawing and not eating, but once she did fun ensued.

And an update from the last post...on Friday Lilah had her 15 month Dr's appointment where we learned she is doing wonderfully. She is 22lbs (35th percentile), 31.5" (75th percentile - she is tall!), and 49cm head (97th percentile of course). She is speaking more words than even I realized and she did fantastic with all of her shots. Go Lilah!

As for the chickenpox - Lilah was exposed during her nanny share as the child she is with came down with them on Wed. We have learned so much since then but the basics are: we will know within 10-25 days if she was infected, if so no biggie we just have to keep her isolated from younger children until all her pox have gone away and keep her from itching herself all over. So keep your fingers crossed an find humor in the irony that she was suppose to get her chicken pox vaccine on Friday and she was exposed on Monday (she did actually get the vaccine on Wed - but it is only 70% effective anyway so who knows if it would have made a difference).

And for even some end of the blog fun, some lunch time eating.

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dinerfeld said...

Looks like she loves veggies like her mama :)