Monday, March 30, 2009

New Shoes, New Haircut, New Skills! (oh and she is famous too)

Lilah is growing is all kinds of ways these days! Her hair, her feet and her skills - so we tackled all three of those this weekend.

Lilah was getting tired of her hair being in her eyes, and we were getting tired of trying to hold it all back with clips. So off we went to get it cut and as you can see from the next photo, Lilah is much happier with her new hairdo.

After playing in the mud on Saturday, we also realized it might be time to get Lilah some new, more mud-friendly shoes. Thankfully we were able to get some good advice on age appropriate, easy to clean ones and she is ready for all the puddle jumping spring can bring.

For those of you who don't know, Lilah's favorite song is the closing melody on Micky Mouse Clubhouse called "Hot Dog". She loves to watch just the song over and over and over again, dancing and singing along.

She loves it so much, that she finally got tired of waiting for me to press the "repeat button" and learned how to work my computer herself!

On the "It's always good to pimp out your child for a good cause" note, Lilah is not featured on one of The Nature Conservancy pages on planting native - a cause I very much believe in and abide by as we are working to build a native bird habitat in our back flower garden.

That's all the excitement of this weekend, but we have good things in the stay tuned!

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Juliette said...

Hi Jenna,

I just caught up on a bunch of posts. Lilah is just totally beautiful!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I really really mean it, she is special. I love love love the pics and videos!!!!

I have written anything for our baby blog since just before Nathaniel was born. I am inspired to catch up now!

Love to all of you!!