Tuesday, April 28, 2009

A typical day...

In case you have ever asked yourself "Self, what is a typical day with the Mighty Mighty Boigs?" here is a small peek into a few things.

Lilah continues to realize she can stick one toy on top of another and haul it around the house. To the left you can see "Pretty" being put on top of her lawnmower. And then a serious of action shots as "Kitty" gets a ride on her block cart. (Is it just because she is a girl that all names end in "y"? Well at least it's not Prettie and Kittie and Candie!).

We have also entered the world of climbing and daredevil behavior. Lilah will climb on just about everything - steps, walls. blocks, counters. Here you can see her after a successful climb into one of our outdoor Adirondack chairs
Thankfully I did not have to climb into mine to enjoy it.

And lest you think it is all fun and games in the Boig household. Here is Lilah being put to work sweeping the floors with her nightly chores. (OK before everyone gets upset at us making our 19 month old do hard labor what is really going on is Lilah asserting her even newer found independence and grabbing the broom out of Mommy's hand to show that she can "do it better").

So it's all fun and games until someone wants to sweep the floors!

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