Monday, May 4, 2009

Now the video will never stop coming!

After 18 months of debating, Jason and I finally admitted that the 20 second video's our camera could take just weren't holding their own with our amazing Miss Lilah. So today we purchased the Flip Ulta HD. Blogger compresses the video so it doesn't look so HD here (if you Facebook you can see the HD quality on what I posted there).

Anyway here comes the video...

This one is just plain silly, but it made us laugh and we hope it will do the same for you. I just titled it "Lilah and the Banana" (or as she calls it "NANNA".

OK this one is just as silly. Lilah has a case of the giggles! (It might be because her mom - that's me! is going "Blahlalalalalalalala" with her tongue. You will see Lilah try to recreate that part way through the video).

In this one Lilah shows her smarts as she recites HER version of the ABCs.

That's all for tonight folks, but I am sure quite a bit more will be coming as well as photos of Lilah roasting her first marshmallow.

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