Monday, June 16, 2008

Father's Day, No Water and a Bear (oh my!)

I am back in writing form this week, with a bit more sleep and some time at home this past weekend. As promised posts and posts ago, here are two photos from Lilah's eight month shoot with the Bear.

As you can see she is supporting herself quite well and is taking on a personality of her own.

This past weekend was a relaxing one for the Boig family. We worked outside at every opportunity due to the good weather. Lilah helped Jason and I in the garden by keeping the dogs (Mookie was visiting) entertained as well as "chatting" up a storm.

She also learned about different types of dirt! Sitting on the outside table she started to stick her hand in the many flower and herb pots we have - some that were filled with mud, some with dirt and some almost sand like. She had a blast going from one pot to another feeling the different textures and rolling the dirt around in her hand. At least there can never be any question she is my daughter!

Milestone wise, she pulled herself to a standing position in her crib on Saturday night - to the cheers of both Jason and I who were VERY glad we had already lowered the crib. Saturday night also brought Lilah's first experience with eating crabs (well she didn't eat them, but she had fun watching us crack them!).

On Father's Day, Sunday, we went out to dinner with Gayle, Erik and Jordan. Jordan and Lilah got to sit next to each other in matching high chairs. Good thing they haven't learned to tip each other over yet!

Unfortunately, last night also brought a water main break in County we live in. So for the next few days we are going to be doing lots of water boiling. Luckily, we have a few bottles of spring water stashed for a rainy day as the stores seem to have run our quickly.

Speaking of which - off to boil bottles for tomorrow - good evening to all!

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Juliette said...

What a little angel she is! Her spirit is so sweet you can even see that thru the photos. I love this taking pics with the bear idea to chart growth, maybe I will copy that idea with something we have here...

Love & Light to the whole family...