Sunday, June 29, 2008

Lilah Goes Camping!

This weekend was Lilah's first camping trip to Bull Run Regional Park. We left Saturday early afternoon to spend about 24 hours in amazingly quiet wilderness right outside of Manassas, Virginia.

After setting up our tents and some snacking, Lilah, Hunter, Jason and quite a few friends headed out for a mile or so hike through beautiful woods next to a flowing steam. Lilah fell asleep about 15 minutes into the hike, missing Hunter's first foray into water ever, but hopefully not his last. She slept for most of the hike out, waking up to enjoy the last bit of it where she admired the green and listened to the sweet song of the local birds.

Jason and I were a bit worried about how she would do as dusk set, but always a trooper, she did amazing and smiled and giggled into the dark as we made smores and climbed into our tents (with Beth and Darryl's "E" close by in case of emergency sleeping needs).

Sleeping well into the night, Lilah awoke at dawn to a cool morning breeze happy as could be and played in our tent for a while until the rest of our traveling group woke up.

After quite a bit of coffee (for me, not for her!) we headed off to the playground at he campsite, where after realizing it was for children 5-8 we proceeded to spend time playing like big kids and showing Lilah the ropes.

She passed out in the car on the way back and then took a three hour nap after getting all cleaned up in a bath after we arrived home.

Jason and I agreed that we could not have asked for a better first camping experience for Lilah and we look forward to many more in years to come!

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Amanda said...

I'm glad you had fun camping. The apps team was over at Praveen's wedding. He has a very beautiful wife. Soon he'll probably be joining you in the father club.