Friday, August 28, 2009

Welcome Katherine Elizabeth Dailey & Matthew Kyle Sward! and other semi-important things

So it may look upon first glance that Lilah is singing karaoke in this photo, but if you look at little closer you will notice it is a flashlight which Lilah learned to use during last week's almost 24 hour power outage at our place!

That said ... I can't use that or any other darn good excuse that I can come up with (and I have lots!) for not updating the blog in nearly a month. But I am back and will try and highlight a few milestones of the past few weeks.

Besides learning to draw with her flashlight, Lilah is also coming into her own as a toddler artist with her crayons. If you look very close at the first pic - you can see that she does not limit herself to the easel (hint: look at the stool she is standing on). Good thing crayola makes washable crayons!

Lilah (and her family) have also been enjoying the local summer activities such as the Montgomery County fair where Lilah got to experience cows, sheep, and bunnies and her parents got to experience their first fried oreos (first and last for this parent!).

This weekend we head out to the Rockville Wine festival - hoping to see less animals and slightly better food. Hoping NOT to see Kate Gosselin who just moved into the neighborhood.

With all of her activity, Lilah does occasionally mugging for the camera and get some sleep. That doesn't mean her parents stop taking photos those...

MOST week ago today (about 30 min ago) the newest addition to our crazy DC/VA/MD was welcomed into the world - Katherine (Katie) Elizabeth Dailey!

And just three days later she was showing off.... (take that Alexander!).

In case you were wondering what part Miss. Lilah had in Katie's arrival, just a few days before she was so excited that Anne had a baby in her belly that she wanted one too!

AND one month ago yesterday Matthew Kyle Sward, a second to newest addition arrived as competition to Alexander for Lilah's affections :).
So welcome Matty and Katie and welcome back readers....

And in case you missed it on Facebook or over email a video to take to sleep with you tonight.

OK OK, I couldn't really slight Alexander as know he only has eyes for Lilah:

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