Sunday, June 24, 2007

Don't cry for me MBB....

OK as far as inanimate go, I thought a Rubby Ducky was weird till I opened up my e-mail this week and saw that MBB is suppose to be a Box of Tissues. Seriously I am looking at my stomach and back to the tissues in by bedroom and then to my stomach again and there is NO way that thing is fitting in me :)

In a quick breakdown:

  • At 13.5 inches MBB weighs about a pound and a half and is beginning to look like a mini newborn.
  • Already getting ready for the treats of this world (like chocolate!) buds for permanent teeth area lining up behind baby teeth.
  • MBB is practicing using his/her arms and legs, but the babys skin is still loose and wrinkly, and hangs like a too-big pair of pants.

This week MBB will go to Ohio, Connecticut and Maine so we will both be back online as soon as we can!

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