Wednesday, June 13, 2007

The Baby Mural is Done!

The mural is done the mural is done!

After two days of painting away in the hot DC heat my Uncle Fred has finished the baby mural for MBB's room.

The photo takes up the wall above where the dresser/changing table will go so MBB will get to look up at amazing animals (hopefully as a good distraction) each time we change him/her.

The mural matches our baby room theme of Mommy and Me - baby animals with their family. I love love the birds and hippos, but they are all great.

You can see some close up shots of the mural below. I am hoping this bodes well for us to finish off all the other MBB projects this week (bathroom, closet) so you will see many more photos to come. Only 16 weeks to go.......

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Anonymous said...


Your Uncle Fred must love you very much and think you're very special to paint that wonderful mural for you and MBB. I am familiar w/ the "Mommy & Me" theme and I found it very interesting that your two favorite figures are not part of any of the "mommy & me" products.