Tuesday, June 5, 2007

From tasty to purple

With only 17 weeks to go, we are starting to move a little faster in anticipation of MBBs arrival. Not as fast as MBB moves when she/he is turning somersaults in my stomach though.

So fast (and strong) that Sunday night Jason was able to feel MBB for the first time!!! Go MBB go - kick away.

This week quck stats:
  • MBB is the size of an eggplant (with more hair though I am sure!). At least 8.25-11 inches and just over 1lb the baby is starting to take some real shape.
  • According to my emails, this week MBB can hear sounds and is sensitive to loud noises and can probably hear Hunter barking. Apparently this is a good thing so MBB won't be scared by these loud sounds once he/she is out enjoying the world.

My mom was in town this weekend and we treated MBB's new bathroom (and the one guests use as well) to a new makeover. Once completed I will post up some photos for all to see.

Also as a milestone tomorrow is my June doctors appointment where we hear the heartbeat, measure MBB and I get to step on that scale again. Fun!

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