Friday, February 8, 2008

At least she hasn't discovered chocolate yet!

In addition to her four month shots and monthly measuring (13lb 15oz, 25inches) Lilah was given the green like to start eating rice cereal (and oatmeal and barley).

Jason and I weren't all that nervous about how she would like being spoon fed as she has been sitting with us at the table for a few weeks playing with her spoon and trying to feed herself. As you can see from the photos, we were right and she can't seem to get enough of the stuff!
Now that she realizes that good comes from other sources, she is trying out everything new by putting it in her mouth. The example below was sushi the other night - although we keep telling her she has to wait until she is at least two for raw fish!

After the chopstick incident we decided Lilah to see how she would react to other new things so we put her in a bouncy seat that Beth and Darryl had and she LOVED IT! And she didnt't even try to eat it :)

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Stefanie said...

It's been over a week! I need a new Lilah fix!!!!!!!!!!!!!