Wednesday, February 27, 2008

MBB reaches 100 entries!

It's hard to believe that just over one year ago (2/18/07 to be exact) I launched this blog to keep in touch with friends and family near and far upon announcing the impending birth of MBB (aka. Lilah R. Boig). It has been a fantastic time and in hitting the one year and 100 entries milestone a look back at things learned:

Calling your baby a fruit or veggie is cute to help the weeks of pregnancy go by. Calling them an inanimate object can be just downright scary (remember the rubber duck and tissue box posts).

Different baby emails will tell you different weights and lengths for your little one, so read a few, but the midwife (or obgyn) really does know best on the health of your little one.

Pregnancy Sucks (and Pregnancy Sucks for Men) really are the BEST books a pregnant lady and her husband can have. Buy them, share them, read them.

Believe in your gut - both during pregnancy and afterwords - it is the best indicator you have.

Sometimes even with all the planning and research in the world your baby still want everyone to see her "Butt First" so go with the flow as it all works out in the end. (get it the "end").

Have fun with your baby - take her out - show her the world! But be prepared - a change of clothes for everyone including you.

And last but not least - A trip to the grocery store can be an adventure as long as your sister doesn't go skydiving the very same day.

On that note - more to come in post #101 - as Lilah is rolling over like crazy, grabbing her toes, almost sitting up and starting fruits next week.

PS. My esteemed co-workers talked me into joining Facebook so feel free to give me a yell there.

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