Thursday, March 20, 2008

New Orleans!

Well, we made it to New Orleans yesterday and have been having a blast ever since. Lilah was fantastic on both of our flights - even sleeping through the rough turbulence of the second one. The lady behind us on the first flight got up at the end and said "Oh my goodness, I didn't even realize there was a baby there". Not sure I could ask for much more (OK maybe I could ask for less turbulence next time).

While I have been attending the NTEN conference, Jason and Lilah have been exploring the city. Today they went to the Aquarium, Riverwalk and Jackson Square. Jason said he will blog all about it for everyone and he took lots of photos I would upload if I had remembered to bring our upload converter. The weather has been great and Lilah has been the hit of the after parties! She is a tremendous trooper and we can't believe how many people want to come over and talk to us just to meet her - she is the ultimate networking tool.

The conference itself has been working and I think that Jason and I found a solution to our - do we get a video camera or not debate. After hearing, seeing and researching in the past 24 hours about The Flip camcorder - I suspect we will get one when we get back home. It sounds simple and perfect for our needs and then soon you will be able to see Lilah video on this site.

All for now as everyone else has been sleeping for a while and I have to start bright and early at an 8:30 session. Good technology to all!

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