Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Fun and Food!

This past weekend Lilah celebrated her Daddy's bday for the first time. I must say she is much more generous than I have ever been and she (along with Mookie and Hunter) gave Jason a Nintendo DS for use on the metro to and from his new job. (for anyone who doesn't have his new cell, shoot me and email and I will send it to you).

Along with his birthday came the funtastic filled party which could not have been complete without a homemade Wii cake. If you are not familiar with the Wii (or for those of you who are from another planet with birthday cake) it is a tall thin video game unit that has been much fun for our family and friend. The cake consisted of five layers - including homemade buttercream and fondant. Lilah did her part but giggling and jumping around in her Exersaucer - keeping us completely entertained even as the cake threatened to fall over.

Lilah has had her own culinary fun the past few weeks trying avocado and then this week banana. So far she seems to like everything and LOVES feeding herself with her spoon. Next week starts sweet potatoes!

Next Wednesday Lilah (and Jason and I) embark on our first plane ride together to New Orleans. I will be there attending a conference and Jason and Lilah will be enjoying the sites of the city. Then on the weekend we will be getting a personal tour from my sister's friend Josh who has lived in the city for a few years. So if you don't hear from me next week - be assured there are good stories to come.

Now off to bed before I fall asleep on my keyboard....

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