Friday, March 21, 2008

Lilah's Photos Are Moving!

One of the outcomes of the conference that I have been at this week, is that we are slowly starting to move all of our Lilah photos that are on Snapfish, Picassa, Kodak Gallery and a bunch of other places all to centralize on Flickr. We can only upload 100MB per month and with many many more than that it will take us several months to get everything uploaded, but for now we have everything from 2007 up at:
In case you are wondering - why the move? It is an easy way to short, organize, tag and share photos of Lilah (and other Boig like things) in an easy to use free place where folks can download the originals if they want, and comment if they want.
I will make sure to keep everyone updated when new photos are uploaded! Are we sure we can't get 27 hours into one day!

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