Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Wait where's Lilah?

It seems that I have taken more photos of Pie (Alexander) then Lilah the last two days, so I thought I would share some of our current vacation before I move on to September.

Also a big shout out to Beth who is much warmer that we are today celebrating her birthday with family and friends in Atlanta

We are having a great time relaxing in Deep Creek and Lilah and Alexander are having a fantastic time playing together. This trip and last weekends birthday party are the first time that Lilah has really played well with other toddlers than the one she spends her days with. It has been great for us to see her development.
Besides playing we have all been doing a lot of eating and baking and then some more eating. You can see the Pie loves Santiago's famous waffles.

So with all that eating we have made sure to get in our daily workout. You can see Lilah practicing some of the new exercises on the Wii Fit Plus that we got right before we headed off on vacation.
Tomorrow we start our Thanksgiving cooking and some chocolate making fun.

Moving on to a quick look back at September (that will get us all the way to my last blog post at the end of August!) we ended the month with Lilah's' second birthday. It was more like a birthday week as she got to celebrate her actual birthday, mid-week at the park with all her friends there and then a big birthday of our family and friends at the end of the week.

For the other celebration in September we headed up to NJ to celebrate Lilah's Aunt Ashley's graduation from graduate school. Lilah met some horses for the first time and had a wonderful time feeling the coy fish at my Aunt's house.

That catches everyone up to date! Come back tomorrow for some new photos, milestone updates and more fun stories.

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