Friday, February 23, 2007

Acupuncture Rocks!

A little over two months ago I started going to an acupuncturist recommended by my midwife to help speed along the Baby process a bit faster than seemed to be happening on our own. My acupuncturist gave me the low down on my first appt. - mainly that it would probably take about three months to see any "response" and that I had to drink lots of gross herbs. Not sure if it was the desire to get off the herb tea as soon as possible - but one month in - pregnant I was, shocking the Boigs and the acupuncturist.

I plan to continue to visit the acupuncturist through the rest of my first trimester and then again the last few weeks of pregnancy (for easier labor!) I truly attribute my limited morning sickness to the treatments I am getting from her. I have seen a major improvement after each visit with any complaints I go in with.

I share all this mostly because I was skeptical going into the process, but after doing a good deal of research learned that acupuncturists have a 70% success rate with pregnancy - more than some of the drugs out there! I have already and will keep recommending it any couple trying to have a baby (and for a few other ailments).

Jason and I are looking forward to hearing the baby's heartbeat one week from yesterday!

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Juliette said...

Hi J & J
I treat my second and third trimester patients for pregnancy low back and hip pain.

Breech Presentation:

And of course Labor Induction:

So keep that in mind as reasons to visit your acupuncturist throughout.

Congrats you two!!