Sunday, February 25, 2007

Oh no - I ate what!

Our refrigerator has been broken since last Friday, so Jason and I have been doing a lot of eating out over the past week. When pregnant there is a large list of things you are not suppose to eat. This is separate of course from the non-caffeine, non-alcohol, must have eight cups of water a day habit that has put my quite a cramp in my weekly routine as well as being difficult to hide from friends and coworkers.

One of the things on the "be very careful" food eating list are soft cheeses. These cheeses are more inclined to allow growth of bacteria, such as listeria, which can harm an unborn child. An important thing indeed. I have been very good about following this cheese rule - no bre, feta or goat cheese. With a love for cheese, I have been pretty proud of my accomplishment.

Then at some point yesterday I realized that for the last few morning I have been eating a bagel WITH CREAM CHEESE. Uh oh. Is cream cheese a soft cheese? I mean it is "soft" and it is technically "cheese" but does it qualify as one of those bacteria forming, baby harming cheeses that the websites, books, and health care providers tell you about. And if so - what can a pregnant lady with no fridge from Jersey eat!

So I went on my online search to find out. As discovered on most of my other "can I or can I not" web quests most of the U.S. targeted web sites are pretty wishy washy on naming specific list of cheeses and qualifying them as "soft" or "ok to eat" so onto the UK I went. Pay dirt! "Is it safe to eat cheese when you are pregnant" not only listed specifically each cheese in its own category, but let me know what cream cheese will work just fine - yea!

Well on to looking for fridges now! The snow will only keep our stuff outside cold for so long.

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