Monday, February 26, 2007

Fathers & Daughters

At lunch on Friday, I heard the comment that I have heard many time before:

"If I have a daughter and she bring home some guy, I am going to stand there with my rifle and shoot at things. I am going to keep her locked up until she is 18 or 21"

I am amazed that guys really think this way but I guess it is a reflection on the way they had been from the ages of 13 to about 30. I think that any child is going to resist ultimate control while in their teenage years. Teaching them to make the right decision when I am not around is better than not letting them make a decision at all. It will help them in life down the road.


deltaxi said...

Insert nasty Monday morning thought here.

Jonathan said...

I just read a lovely parenting book that is great and laid back. The blessing of a skinned knee: Using Jewish teachings to raise self-reliant children by Wendy Mogel. It isn't religious so much as philosophical and thoughtful. A great antidote to our crazy, overprotective, overscheduled, overachieving modern world. I recommend it highly. (A non-Jewish friend told me about it,)