Wednesday, May 30, 2007

MBB is tasty!

Yes there are lots of things wrong with the title of this blog entry - but hey a pregnant lady has to have some fun!

So this week MBB is a slice of pizza. I am going for veggie pizza, but I have a feeling Jason would prefer Hawaiian. We will be going on June 6th for our next weigh in (both MBB and myself get weighed) and to hear the heartbeat again. But as far as today's stats:

  • MBB is between 12 and 8inches and 12.5 oz
  • The baby can turn, spin, somersault, and jackknife this week - and trust me MBB does
  • MBBs motions are becoming more forceful and coordinated and the connection between the brain and limbs is growing stronger every day. Hopefully soon strong enough Jason can feel the baby move around.

In case you were wondering about my butt getting bigger (I was!) this week the email told me that "Two hormones, progesterone and relaxing, are responsible for making your pelvic bones separate more easily during labor. As the joints in your pelvis soften and loosen, your hips widen. " Lucky me.

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Anonymous said...

Hi Jenna, Jason, and Baby Boig! don't you love those regular weigh-ins? made me feel like cattle...the good news is, that extra weight does all go away in the end!! -KH