Thursday, July 26, 2007

Hunter will jump on the counter for MBB!

I can't tell you how glad I am that we are back to a food type substance to describe MBB. All those hard objects (iron, hairdryer, etc) were starting to give me nightmares. (pictures "Night of the Living Hairdryer")

So this week MBB is Hunter's very favorite food in the world, and one he has jumped on many a counter for...bread! Some other information:

  • Up to about 3 lbs and between 10.75 and 17 inches MBB and I will get officially weighed again today at the birth center, while working to calm our stress with prenatal yoga.
  • MBB is starting to fill out now and resemble a newborn - whoohoo. She/he is thin but growing quickly.
  • Rumor has it MBB's brain is becoming increasingly wrinkled -- and sophisticated. The more grooves it has, the more it can do! I guess its the one time in life you ask for more wrinkles ;)

So in this weeks "mommy-to-be" email I learned that "Research shows that pregnant women experience forgetfulness 15 percent more than nonpregnant women. " I can't wait to start using that as an excuse!

If you are keeping track, this week MBB has traveled to and from WVA and next week Maine!

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Juliette & Corey's Baby Blog said...

OMG I am only 4.5 weeks and I...wait what was I about to say...Oh yeah I am sooo forgetful so much in fact that I warned the staff I manange ans asked them to tell me when I have forgotten things or speak non-sensical babblings.