Monday, September 24, 2007

Come out come out whenever you want!

If you have been following along with this blog, you know that I have been thankful to have a very quiet pregnancy and so have been really able to have fun with MBB and the time we are spending so "close" together.

Luckily as far as pregnancies go as I head into my 39th (wow!) week, things are still going well and MBB is bopping along. The rest of me, however, is as Jason and I called it "mess!" I seem to have come down with one of those darn end of summer/early fall colds which has added to the fun of nighttime sleep.

Between that and getting prepared to leave work for what seems like forever (but is in reality only 3 months, if that!) it has been pretty busy in Boig land, so I am going try to do a bit of catching up in this entry - so sorry in advance for its length!

First off - for those who have asked for an update photos, Jason and I took one on Saturday. (click on the photo itself to enlarge it).
You can see that MBB is getting quite large (he/she grew another cm last week!). I have my 39 week midwife appointment this Wednesday so MBB will get measured again soon. We do not have an accurate weight or size at this point - so we all get to hold on in anticipation of the birth for that information.
Although I am enjoying carrying MBB around with me, Jason and I are also ready to see him/her and so we have been working to encourage MBB's entrance into the word - all "old wives tales" welcome. Yesterday we went apple picking to keep my movement up and I have been doing lots of walking with Hunter. Today I plan to try jumping jacks and that worked for one person I know. :)
Once MBB has been born, either Jason or I will try to update the blog as soon as possible with photos and information. We will only be at the birth center itself for 4-8 hours after birth so more than likely it will be Day 2 or Day 3 before anything is posted, but then you can expect to see the "outside the womb" MBB growth on a sporadic but decent basis.
Well off to eat some oatmeal and get some work done. Will post more on Wednesday after MBB's appt. Good Monday to all.

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Nikki said...

Wow Jenna, you look terrific!!! The nursery looks great to and lots of fun. You are almost there!!!!
Love, Nikki and Gerald