Friday, September 7, 2007

On month to go...

As we get closer to the birth of MBB, I am feeling the urge to post more frequent updates even though really not all that much is happening.

First - for those who have asked we will have new photos of MBB (in my stomach!) Sunday. Our camera has been visiting Casa de' Reich and we will picking it up this weekend. On the camera is also photos of the finished baby room for all to see.

Yesterday's midwife appt. and subsequent class went well. MBB had grown in length 3/4 of an inch bringing the total "head to rump" official size to 14.2 inches (36cm). With a few inches in the legs that we can't measure right now MBB is right on target to be between the average 19-21 inches when he/she comes out.

There are also other signs that we are moving closer to the birth of MBB, mostly the discomfort of the mommy :). Swollen arms and legs, acid reflux and less stomach room to eat and tie my shoes - all of which I am trying to take as positive signs that MBB is almost here! MBB is still moving around like a champ and just yesterday I have been able to start learning to tell the different between baby movements and "practice" Braxton Hicks contractions.

Another sign MBB is almost here is my appts at the birth center will now be weekly instead of every other week. So for those following along at home - every Tuesday is Natural Labor class (3 more to go) and every Thursday is a Birth Center appointment (till MBB show up!). Next Wednesday MBB will be full term - 37 weeks - and then the real countdown can begin.

We also did belly casting in class yesterday - you can check out this web site for an example of what that generally looks like for pregnant ladies - We also did an hour discussion on Labor - the signs, the things to be concerned and not concerned about and all types of other things too graphic to post here.

Well off to work to continue to try to wrap up what I can when I can!

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Nikki said...

We are glad to hear that things are going well. Can't wait to see pictures of MBB!!!!!