Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Happy Hanukkah!

Happy Hanukkah to all. Yesterday Lilah celebrated her first night of Hanukkah and is in the tradition in my family was allowed to open just one gift. (Hey it works out you are always guaranteed to get at least eight gifts!) Last nights gift was from Maria - an awesome "Roll Along Turtle" that does shapes and numbers. Lilah says THANK YOU! She also got a pre gift from Seth at lunch - her first dreidel. Photos of all of this to come soon.

This photo is from Saturday when Lilah was visited by Kate and her so cute son John. John is a little over one and I quickly learned thing that I will need to baby proof as soon as Lilah starts to walk! This is what Lilah did during the entire visit - she was so good all weekend!

Saturday I also left Lilah along for a few hours (the first time for this) to go get my hair done and get some lunch where I could eat with both hands. I am happy to report Lilah and Jason had a fantastic time playing and hanging out. Yea Boigs :)

As I mentioned in an earlier post Saturday night was Beth's Bday party and we had fun seeing babies of all ages including Ilana whose birth was announced on this blog earlier this summer. They were all so good and all moms got to eat. This is Stephanie who you sometimes see commenting on this blog feeding Lilah.

Sunday Lilah was visited by my Aunt Diane, Aunt Missy, Uncle Bennett and Grandpa Hyman for brunch - what a weekend for Lilah (as always!). This weekend we are heading up to my mom's house for a few days where Lilah will get her first glimpse of New Jersey - I can't wait to see her reaction! (this is a joke for all of those who will comment - she is only a baby and won't remember anything).

An update as promised on the "Flat Lilah" project. We have a total of 24 states and 4 countries now that have viewed the blog. Almost half way there folks keep sharing.

OK off to show Lilah snow for the first time. Stay warm everyone.


Maria Fischer said...

I'm happy she enjoyed her gift. Wow I've never been personally mentioned in your blog before :)

Lilah will love NJ, who doesn't. I miss it up there this time of year. Although we are going through a cold front down here, it is 63 degrees right now it just isn't the same.

Enjoy your weekend. We're off to Disney World for the weekend, we'll tell Mickey Mouse Lilah says hello.

Ok, one more thing. We were walking the other day and Ethan saw a baby in a stroller and asked me if it was Lilah. He's seen her pictures before, the baby was a boy and didn't look anything like her but whatever, very funny.


dinerfeld said...

2 months and 1 week and it's the first time you left Lilah alone with Jason? I'm surprised you haven't craved some alone time before now, but Paul promises me that it's just because I haven't done through the metamorphesus yet, LOL.