Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Lilah goes traveling

A busy busy girl our Lilah has been this past week (and her Mommy and Daddy!). She has continued to enjoy Hanukkah as you can see from the photo on the left - especially the part where she gets a present each night! The block set is from Aunt Ashley and was her second night gift.

Lilah has also been to visit her new friend Jordan Reese (mentioned in an earlier blog) who is just a few weeks old. She looks quite big compared to him :). Unfortunately I forgot to take any photos of the two of them together, so that will have to come on our next visit.

On Friday, Lilah went to the Janssen house to pick up delicious Hanukkah homeade cookies from Heather and her girls. She also received the book pictured on the left. Look at her go - if I didn't know better (however I do) I would think she is actually reading.

This weekend Lilah took her first trip to her parents homeland - New Jersey! Anyone who talked to me last week knew I was very very very nervous about the trip, but I am happy to report that she was a wonderful traveler. Both she and Hunter did great in the car and at Grandma Ellen's house. On Saturday night she also got to enjoy hanging out with her Bubbe, Aunt Karen and Uncle Fred and Uncle Mark and Aunt Barbara. Then Sunday Grandma Ellen invited some of her friends over including Aunt Ashley's best friend Katie. Lilah was quite the super star. Of course we also forgot to take photos of the weekend!

Last night Lilah got to hand out with Curly (oh yea and Anne ;) ) where she promptly showed off her "International Sign for Cocker Spaniel".

Pvew what a busy busy gal Lilah is. Tomorrow a lunch date, then Friday another lunch date and Bubbe comes for a few days. We will have to remember to take more photos - I am such a slacker!

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Stefanie said...

So happy that trip to Jersey went smoothly!!!