Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Happy Enchilada X-mas and other fun things

What a difference a week makes! It seems that each day Lilah is doing something new. The photo on the left is one of her newest tricks of sucking on her hand - she can get that entire thing in her mouth. I thought it was an amazing feat (becuase of course I can't fit my hand in my mouth - go ahead try it!) till Jason reminded me that she has no teeth which provides her another two inches of space or so.

She has also started batting at objects and once she learns to uncurl her hand will do an excellent job of grabbing things (Hunter watch out!). Lilah is also learning to entertain herself leaving me time to actually update this blog :) Last but not least she is trying to sit up. She needs a bit more head control first but darn if she doesn't want to get there. It is so amazing to watch.

And of course she has had some adventures since last week.....

On Wednesday we had our second mommy and Lilah playdate with Gail and Jordan. This made me realize that all of the moms I hang out with in this area have boys - Lilah doesn't know how luckly she is ;)

Then this weekend we headed back up to New Jersey for Chanukah fun at Bubbe's (Jason's mom's) house. Lilah had a great time playing under her Chanukah tree and opening her presents. She got her very first pony and lots of super cute outfits.

Yesterday Lilah attended her first, but not last, Enchilada Christmas at Elizabeth and Santiago's house. It is a Boig family tradition and so Lilah was sure to wear her party best (thank you Sydney for the hand me down!).
We are taking it easy and relaxing today to recoup from all the craziness. It is looking to be a calm rest of the season, but I am sure Lilah's progress will continue so there will be much to report.
Up next post....BPA in bottles and why the pinky finger rocks!

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