Monday, December 31, 2007

Lilah is three (months old)!

As you can see, we had such a crazy celebration for Lilah's three month birthday yesterday that everyone passed out early (ok not really - we did practically nothing and this is Lilah and the dog's afternoon nap - and no we have not gotten a new dog that's just Mookie visiting for a few days).

So now that we have three sets of photos to compare to a few things to note.

1. Lilah can no longer fit complely on my chest when I type, she is curled up in a little ball and still her feet are mostly under the computer.

2. She is about 12 lbs making for super strong arms for her parents (yea muscles!)

3. She is sleeping between 5-7 hours per night which is just heaven.

4. She is making the best noises (you just have to hear them too hard to describe) and eating her hand - both which help her entertain herself and allow me to do things like shower and use the bathroom on a regular basis.

5. She can hold her head up as long as she is not tired and she is getting WAY better at tummy time (thank you to all those parents who told me not to worry!).

OK with all of that out of the way, I promised some more information on the nanny. Well first off we have one - yeaaaaaaaaaaa. The whole last part of the nanny sage reads like one of those cheesy romance movies I hate - "Boy meets girl, boy loses girl, boy gets girl back" except that we ended up with even a better nanny than we orginally started with. After what seems like months of looking we will have Mamy (pronounced with a hard "a" so no Mamy the Nanny jokes sorry!) starting January 22nd at the other couples house in Bethesda. As most of you know I will be going back to work January 7th (sniff sniff) so we will have a two week gap. The first week Jason and I will be alternating working from home and the second week my Aunt Karen and Uncle Fred will be coming down to take care of Miss Lilah. So thank you to EVERYONE who put out feelers for me, talked to coworkers and listen to my endless babble about all of this nanny stuff. We are done!

I know I still owe a follow up to my BPA and pinkies rock teaser, but I think this is long enough for today but I promise to post that up before Aunt Ashley arrives to visit on Wednesday.


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