Tuesday, January 22, 2008

All smiles

Happy winter everyone! (OK winter was over a month ago - but it finally feels like it has hit here in the DC metro area). We have had a pretty quiet weekend gearing up for a pretty insane week. As you can see Lilah is ready! (hopefully we are too).

Today is my last non-scheduled day working from home with Lilah and tomorrow she starts with the nanny. The other mom had a wonderful idea that her son should get a full day and then Lilah should before they start together so that the nanny can get to know their schedules. I think that will help a ton. So his day is today and hers tomorrow. Then Thursday it's nanny mania. I am at a conference Wednesday night (yes night) and Thursday all day. So the coordination will be interesting and pumping during the conference will be even more so.
To close out last week. Aunt Karen and Uncle Fred stayed till Friday morning. For those of you who think Hunter may get left behind in all the Lilah craziness that happens here - you can see from the photo on the left he is just as spoiled as she is :). Lilah (and Hunter) had a wonderful week and both have perfected their rolling over techniques.

This photo (besides being too cute not to share) is what happens when you leave a baby alone with her Daddy for too long (just kidding!!). I found this one on the camera the other day when I went to take the below photos. Jason and Lilah were making breakfast together and she was playing with one of her bottles and well - here's what happened! (Lilah does not use a pacifier, which made this even more funny as she is not used to having something in her mouth during the day) She has already started to eat her blankets, toys and hands like a champ. We are already trying to "Lilah proof" the house so any suggestions welcome.
So off to start the week. Leaving you with a few photos of Lilah in her much loved Exersaucer. Boy does this kid know how to pose!

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Stefanie said...

OMG! That last picture is just too cute!