Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Leaps and Bounds (well at least rolling around)

Lilah is rolling over!! Of course becuase she is extra special (proud mamma talking here) she is going from back to front which she is not suppose to do for a few more months. Now - no comments about how she doesn't go from front to back yet even though she is suppose to do that first. The photo on the left is right after her first roll over all by herself at Elizabeth and Santiago's on Saturday night. She had quite a cheering section! Since then she proved that it was no fluke as she is rolling and rolling and rolling.

Although she can't actually eat anything yet, she has started to enjoy sitting with us at the dinner table and pretending to eat (I promise this is not a posed photo). She even got the spoon in her mouth once and luckily so far not in her eye!

If you have been following along with the blog, you know that my Aunt Karen and Uncle Fred are watching Lilah this week until we start with Nanny Mamy next week. They have been having a great time together and as you can see everyone is even getting a
little sleep!

That's all to report for now - all's quiet on the eastern front.

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