Thursday, January 10, 2008

Catching up with cute pictures

I am so behind in my posting that I am not sure even where to start. So I went though the pics we have taken since the end of the year...

As everyone knows I started back at work this week. Jason was home with Lilah on Monday and Wednesday and this is the photo sent me about noon - it was a great surprise. It is amazing how much bigger she seems when I am away for a whole day.

Luckily, everyone at work could not be more supportive and caring - they even sent me flowers!

Since Lilah is finally able to hold her head up she is finally able to enjoy many of the the wonderful gifts that she has gotten in the last few months. As you can see from these photos she has her own little chair where she can keep us company at the table (or on the counter when Mommy is typing on the computer).

She also has started to go in her Exersaucer but since she is a bit too small for it, we have had to put a phone book under her feet so she can reach. Most of the time she just gums the seat, but today she actually started to reach out and play with the toys.

Speaking of her hand dexterity - you can see she can reach out for her bells now and even feed herself (ok that last one is a bit posed but boy doesn't she look smart!).

That's all for now. Off to put Miss Lilah to bed. Night to all!

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