Tuesday, January 29, 2008

And what a week it was.....

Waking up this past Saturday morning, Jason and I realized we don't even think we know what happened last week it was so crazy. So here goes nothing.....

Tuesday the 22nd was my last day to work at home where I had to do a full day of work and a full day of Lilah. It was pretty tough serving "two masters" but I think I actually got a lot done on two fronts - including throwing Lilah at Jason the moment he walked in the door so that I could take a shower. I am really glad that Fridays are only a four hour work day which is easy if I just work during her nap and other low key times.

Wednesday the 23rd was Lilah's first day with Nanny Mamy. It was also
the first day of a two day workshop that I had to be at in Virginia. So I dropped Miss Lilah off, worked a few hours in MD a few blocks away, and then headed down to VA till about 9:30 that night. Upon calling to check in around 3:30 I heard (not from the nanny but from the dad of the other baby) "Wow your Lilah sure does have a set of lungs on her!" Luckily upon further investigation I learned it was only a one time incident and she was just looking for some food. It was wonderful to come home to her after a long day and she and Jason were still up waiting with Lilah size hugs.

Thursday the 24th I had to be in VA at 8:30 for our workshop, so off Lilah went to the nanny bright and early and was a wonderful little girl all day until I picked her up around 6.

--So this is what I have to say about all of that. It is amazing how flexible she is. With the new schedule, and the exhausted, stressed out parents and the new nanny she was happy and smiling through it all. I hope it doesn't all come back to haunt us in the teenage years.--

Friday was my work at home day - but with only four hours to work it went well and Lilah and I had lots of fun together. She really likes to "fly" through the air now!

This weekend Lilah saw SuperBad - OK Lilah slept through it and Jason, Beth, Darryl, Elizabeth, Santiago and I saw SuperBad (which is a darn good thing considering the content of the movie!).

Sunday my friend Erika who is an amazing photographer both for The Nature Conservancy and also does weddings on the weekends (check out her photos at: http://www.flickr.com/photos/erikanortemann) came over for about five hours and took over 300 photos of Lilah! Lots of close ups and fun around the house, and a few family ones as well. She is going to burn them to DVD for me and once I have them I will post a few up here. My goodness did Lilah sleep well that night.

This week so far is quieter but has brought lots of sickness - Jason is sick in bed the last two days and Kirian (nanny share boy) was sick yesterday as well. So keep your fingers crossed for Lilah that she stays healthy and happy.

Happy Tuesday to all!

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