Monday, August 25, 2008

Lilah and her friends

This weekend, Lilah (and her parents - that's us!) went to visit Alexander Reich (previously mentioned a few blogs ago) now that he is home from the hospital. This was Lilah and Alexander's first meeting and Lilah's first meeting of any baby much smaller than herself.

As you can see the introduction of the two went well. went well until I tried to hold Alexander and learned that our sweet, smiling Lilah has a bit of a jealous streak as she started yelling and grabbing for me - who knew!

This coming weekend we have two playdates (or "parentdates") with my friend Katie from work and her girls Harper and Alessi on Friday and Gayle, Erik and Jordan on Saturday.

Lilah also recieved a long distance "Hello" from her friend Delaney Garay currently residing in Germany. This photo shows her looking at a painting Delaney sent her of her little sister Claudia and a sunflower.

With the recent birth of Julianne Marie Frahm, 7 lbs. 8 oz, born July 30th, Lilah's group of friends continues to grow and spread.

Good thing she is getting good at napping - as she will need all that energy for playing!

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