Friday, August 29, 2008

Yes it's more Lilah crawling!

Note on this video: Lilah's mommy (that's me) tried for a very long time to turn this video the correct way but is now tired and a wee but cranky so if you want to check it out - sorry you will have to turn your head.

As Lilah gets older I have found different uses for toys that we played with six months ago (which seems like forever!). This was was giving to Lilah by my oldest (as in years we known each other, not her age) Maria when she was born. When Lilah was a few months old I was able to keep her from crying by playing it over and over and yes over again. Now, she loves to chase it down the hall and smash it into walls to watch me yell BOOM really loud over and over and yes over again.

If you watch very closely you can see a cameo appearance by Hunter!

As an addendum to tonight's post, Lilah requested a shout out (OK if she could talk, and read she would have - just take my word for it) to my good friend, and one of Lilah's babysitters!, Anne who is training for a half marathon in Arizona on January 18, 2009. Anne is training with the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society to raise money for the funding of blood cancer research, education and patient services. A topic incredibly near and dear to my heart. So a shout out and a link to her donation web site at: As an extra bonus if you donate $100 or more you get invited to an exclusive party at Anne's house in January, which itself will be worth quite a bit more fun than $100 would cost ya.

Lilah is lucky to have quite a large group of friends and family who volunteer and donate their time and money for many great causes!

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