Tuesday, August 19, 2008

10 months! (and a bit) and more video fun

Although we are closer to Lilah's 11th month B-day than her 10 month, I still wanted to make sure to post up these photos to share her growth this month. As you can see from the comparison to her three month photos she has grown quite a bit in size, but more amazingly she really is starting to look more"toddler-like" and a lot less "infant-like".

As Lilah get's older we get to try new things - like Cheerios! I guess no one told her the idea was to eat them :)

Tomorrow we head off for a day with Bubbe, Aunt Sarah and Uncle Steven. As it looks like the best weather day we have had all summer, we plan to be outdoors where who knows what trouble Lilah will get into!

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dinerfeld said...

I love the way she throws her hands up at the end like...I just won the gold medal for cherrio smashing!!! Too cute :)