Friday, December 12, 2008

The cold and a cold

With the weather outside doing all kinds of wacky things, it was inevitable for sickness to overtake the house. I was ill a few weeks ago, and this week Lilah and Jason followed. On top of it, Lilah is starting to cut her seventh (can you believe it!) tooth so she was a bit out of sorts.
Apparently not too out of sorts to not find trouble for herself though! This week she learned that there are all kinds of fun things to be had in Daddy's end table, including the yarmulke you see her wearing above.

She is also carrying on my family tradition of a love for socks - mismatched ones that is.

Today we had the special treat of being able to "Alexandersit" when Santiago had to do a quick call for work. As always the two of them got along splendidly, with Lilah showing Alexander how to dance to her drum. That was until Lilah decided she was ready for a nap and everyone had to know that!
This weekend we will be working to get the house ready for the holidays (cleaning, etc) and then leaving Thursday for NJ to see Grandma (my mom) and Bubbe (Jason's mom) for some Hanukkah fun.

And to leaving you with more pics from our new camera ;)

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