Monday, December 1, 2008

So many pictures (and video) so little to say!

A wonderful Thanksgiving and Thanksgiving weekend was had in the Boig household the last few days. Seeing friends and family was fantastic times, and seeing Lilah turning into a "real toddler" was even more fantastic.
So sharing through photos....
On Saturday after swim class, Jason, Lilah and I headed up to my Aunt Missy's in Harrisburg, PA for Saturday Thanksgiving feast. Lilah had a wonderful time running around (really!) with her cousins and everyone was amazed at how she had grown since her birthday.

We had a great time ending with this turkey cake brought by my Aunt Seri. It even has a pop up timer.
After dinner I got to relax with Lilah and her cousin Reese. These pictures of me with two babies has got to stop :)!

Yesterday was a shopping fiesta as we headed out in search of great bargains. And we found one! A new dining room table with a bench and chairs. Click on this link to check it out.

As you can see Lilah is already very handy and has been doing a great job at being "Mommy's helper.". She is a super helper around the kitchen too.

Speaking of helping in the kitchen. Here is a video of Lilah's Thanksgiving morning help.

So somehow no one took a single photo of the Thanksgiving table, dinner or basically anything till after dessert.

So..dinner was good...dessert was great...Lilah ate LOTS of turkey.

After dessert we settled in for the "activities" of the evening. Which as you can see consisted of Elizabeth very patiently trying to get Lilah to make a hand turkey. What do don't see in this photo is that while we were all helping Alexander make his turkey, Lilah had taken that Scrapbooking Ink off the table (see if in the right corner of the photo) and had proceeded to cover herself, the floor and then very quickly a part of mommy's shirt leading to some quick clean up and PJ changing.

We also had brought out an old chair of Lilah for Alexander to hang out in for the evening. Well Lilah quickly remembered how much SHE loved that chair and the second Alexander gave it up for some grub she started to hold court in it!

Speaking of King Alexander!

Heading into this week, Lilah attends her first hockey game! Bubbe comes to visit and more music and swim classes.
Stay tuned!

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